Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Alea Iacta Este

There is no turning back now, I have crossed my Rubicon. I phoned Keith at Aventine Miniatures today and had a productive chat with him about the Seleucid army, I wanted to order up a phalanx and a cavalry unit to start me off but he advised me to hold off. The new wave of figures coming up will suit my 'late' Seleucid's much better and they will be out shortly, I took his advice but wanted something to get ready so I settled on some light cavalry which he said would fit the bill. I have twelve horsemen coming along with shield transfers, Keith also very kindly popped a couple of figures in for me to use as Centurions for the Twelfth. From speaking on the phone to the parcel in the post took just over an hour, now that is service. I look forward to dealing with Aventine over the next few months as the army grows.

Aventine figures painted by Advance Miniatures Studio

I also took the time to take stock of my paint supply before the cavalry arrive, I have chucked out some, organised my stand and ordered up about seven new colours, I have more than enough decent brushes but need a couple for dry brushing and varnishing, nothing expensive. Up next will be some bases and magnets along with some tufts and then I should be complete.

We are off tomorrow afternoon to pick up the new car, a nice way to spend our half day off.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the project develop. Aventine are great, always go that extra mile for you.

    1. Beautiful figures and first class service, what more could you want, errr some fancy Generals perhaps......

  2. For my phalangite army I'm going with Pyrrhic, in part because I'm a cheapskate and I can use my Greek cavalry, Italiot hoplites, peltasts, Cretan archers, javelinmen and my republican Roman allies can double as Samnite and other Italian allies of Pyrrhus. I have already bought 100 phalangites (24 finished, rest primed) and these are a 50-50 split between Aventine and Victrix. I need some more cavalry - Tarantine, Thessalian, Greek? and will get another pack of Victrix Macedonian cavalry and arm them with Xystons. That leaves elephants: I need two but will probably get four.

  3. Not more Romans George? Best of luck with the new project!

  4. Huzzah! Look forward to seeing this army develop. Aventine figures are lovely and Keith is a proper gent. Enjoy!

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