Friday, 19 June 2015


Right, I have been desperate to show you my cataphract unit, I spent almost the last two days on it and if I had not been in the PO today I would have had them finished with only the basing to go. As it is I only have the horses to do, and by that I mean a wee bit of the head, four legs and the tail, now that's the kind of horses I like to paint. However for a change I am holding off and not jumping the gun, you will see them when I get back, probably within a couple of days.

I have been looking at suitable basing for troops fighting in Roman Syria or Mesopotamia and have taken a leaf out of someone else's book and opted for Builders Sharp Sand. I headed to Wickes for a £1.89 bag expecting about 2 kilos and found out it got me 25 kilos, what with my arm I could not actually lift it and had to get help, I think some had spilled from this particular bag so I got it for £1.30! I experimented with it last night and it forms a lovely sandy, gritty base, which, along with some fish tank gravel and desert tufts will look splendid, and the bases will not require painting or shading, result! It looks exactly like the type of terrain at Duro Europos on the Euphrates before ISIS dug it all up.

So, my apologies for having no pictures at the moment, not enough time. Also maybe Blogger HQ will have something for me when I get back so I can put decent Blog links back in, I am not the only person having that particular problem.

OK people, Musings is going dark!


  1. George, you should sell that spare sand at £1 a bag !!

  2. I was actually thinking of turning the PO into the Middle East!

  3. I get all my sand from one small bay on the Isle of Wight! One small salad pot of it lasts me more than a year, o your 25kg bag should last some time!