Sunday, 14 June 2015

View from the Window

14th June and raining. We Scots have a saying, "the games a bogey" when something fails, well as far as summer 2015 goes the game is indeed a bogey. It is not the storm which was forecast, that may possibly be further south but it certainly looks like it will remain wet all day. Despite this a cyclist has just zoomed past the window.

Why do they do that, cyclists and joggers, they insist on carrying on with their fitness regimes even when a look out the window conveys to the normal brain, hey go back to bed you can run/cycle later when it is dry. I have had my window wipers on full and out of the murk I have seen a drenched, multi-coloured lycra fanatic, earphones in oblivious to the world, running along the side of the road taking a drink! I remember one old guy here who ran every day, his trainers were so big he gained at least four inches in height and as he 'ran' people were having to walk on the road to pass him.

View will be shutting down for a couple of weeks from next Sunday as I am off on holiday and I cannot see me doing a huge piece on the missus' iPad, but you never know, perhaps as I sit contemplating the island of Capri in the shiny distance sipping my morning coffee I may indeed just remind you of my good fortune, while you look out your window and mutter something about the rain, unless you live south of Manchester.

What's one of the first things you do on arriving at your hotel room? You immediately look around at the amenities, oh look they have soap and shampoo, and see, a kettle with tea, coffee and biscuits, and how thoughtful, an apple, real fruit, would you believe it, this is the life. Never mind the fact you have all this stuff at home, but in a hotel, living the dream. I do have to admit though, not for me roughing it in a camper van, building a tent or being polite to some surly old landlady, if I don't get a turn down service and a chocolate on my pillow of an evening, I am going somewhere where they will appreciate me. My most memorable stay to date was an idyllic island in the Indian Ocean where a guy was employed simply to go along the beach and offer to clean your sunglasses!

Capri above was the clue, we are going to Sorrento on the Bay of Naples, it is our 40th wedding anniversary trip, and the missus has always wanted to go there. We plan to do all the touristy things of course, visit Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius, I will also study the guide book this week as I lounge in the PO for other attractions, but at least half the time will be spent simply walking along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, stopping now and again for a light lunch or some refreshment while watching life lazily go by. Bliss.

Not much this morning, I am on breakfast duty as No.2 son is here and of course I have to make up all that time the missus was playing Florence Nightingale to this non-complaining wounded soldier. As for the arm, well I am driving again and I get the stitches out tomorrow, hopefully by a nurse who cottons on a bit more quickly than the last one that it is my arm and not my leg she should be looking at. One last thought though, why do doctors have to stitch you up like they were working on Frankenstien's monster, did none of them take home economics at school, or whatever life skills are called these days.


  1. You don't look old enough to have been married for 40 years. Have a lovely time!

    1. Thanks, we are looking forward to recharging our batteries.

      As I always say, the outside looks fine, but the inside is a mess.

  2. Have a great trip...very envious!!

  3. 40 years !! You don't get that for murdeeer !! ... as Taggart would say :)

  4. 40 years !! You don't get that for murdeeer !! ... as Taggart would say :)

  5. Phil, was that so good you had to rub it in twice :) Good luck in Devizes.

  6. A thought just came to me, I met 'Taggart' once in a local bar owned by the one time boxer Walter McGowan, and all I can say is Make-up did a wonderful job there at STV.

  7. George,

    I wanted to make sure I was the 10,000th hit on your blog 😀😀