Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pure Dead Brilliant

I was trying to come up with a catchy title for last nights club meeting and settled on yet another Scottish saying as apt for the game Zombicide. We had decided to play Sails of Glory but Stuart has so much stuff he couldn't get to it and Zombicide was easier and closer. It was just as well, as initially there were to be three of us and we ended up with six. The club was fairly quiet game wise last night, maybe the summertime blues, as there was only one other game on and that was a Saga 'Crescent and Cross' Crusades themed battle.

I have never played Saga but I know it is a skirmish type game with small forces, however the way Cross and Crescent is played at the club it looks like a proper battle, it has obviously been tweaked but it looks good.
Cross and Crescent.
I just thought of a better title, "Staying Alive", I think it was the BeeGee's, but I will save that for a later date. In our post-apocalyptic world our intrepid bunch of survivors had heard noises which may be other survivors coming from a nearby shopping mall, we had therefore to investigate and rescue them. We started off well although armed in the main with a bunch of saucepans, as we tooled up and ventured out we picked up better killing equipment and quickly found one poor soul hiding in a sweetie shop (she died later). The rest of the mall was by this time beginning to fill up with the walking dead, we examined several other possible survivor sites only to find nothing, this left the last possible hiding place the same shop where a ton of zombies were trapped. We hit them with shotguns, SMG's, chainsaws and ran them over in cars but they just kept coming, we called a halt at this point, and I would give the Zombies the win. It turned out that we had been wasting our time as on turning over the token we found there had been no survivor in the shop, there had only been one and we had, albeit temporarily, saved her!

The zombie mob we would have to release to get to the (non) survivor.
I have probably said it before, but this is another very clever game and you have to make decisions at every turn, all of which can effect whether you survive or not.

I have now finished my Saxon cavalry and they are almost ready to be based, I used the paint on Army Painter Anti-shine suitably shaken with my home made shaker only to find it came out satin, I didn't shake the second coat as much and again it came out satin, pretty shiny satin on the black horses, so something is wrong. It's just as well I got that extra spray can of anti-shine as they will get a coat of that today. I have also put together my Roman cataphracts ready for priming, but I don't think I am going to do that, they are very clean and shiny and are covered almost completely, man and horse from head to toe in armour. Why prime them white then paint metal back on them, I will have to give certain areas a bit of undercoating but in the main they are getting an X-19 wash and off we go. I am really upsetting my normal routine these days and thinking outside the box, no primer and starting with the cavalry first!.

I have some more figures coming today, twelve Saxon slingers, these really will be the last figures for the Dark Age armies, I had planned more skirmishers but didn't count them as needed for completion its just they are not needed immediately. There's that OCD thing again, in the back of my mind there is a little seed starting to grow which tells me that I should bump up the cavalry of both armies to twelve man units from tens, just in case, now where's that bloody weed killer.


  1. That Cross and crescent game is definitely Saga on a grand scale!
    Glad you enjoyed the Zombie game. :-)
    I really need to make the effort to get along to the club more often. Would do me good!
    Hopefully playing in a huge Waterloo game on Sat followed by some CoC the weekend after.

    1. I got the free Waterloo Campaign Medal from our kind government and today I will be a customer at my own PO for the Presentation Pack and First Day Envelope. Enjoy your game.