Thursday, 18 June 2015

The End (ish)

I have finally finished the Saxon cavalry and they have taken their place in the Saxon boxes eagerly awaiting their first battle, or so I hope, as you know my boys have a tendency to let me down just when I need them the most. My extra slingers did arrive in the post yesterday as did my extra paints, excellent service once again from Gripping Beast and EModels, although I noticed there was no wee bag of sweets this time in the EModel box, or maybe I am thinking of another firm. But, sure as fate as soon as I put an order in I then find other stuff I should have added, like flesh wash, more X-19 and wire spears.

The last of the Saxons.
As I am at a loose end before the middle of the night trudge to Liverpool airport on Saturday I have started the cataphracts, I had them cleaned up, not that there was a lot of that, and based, because of the armour I have stuck the riders on the horses and painting them as one, something else I do not normally do.
Cataphracts ready for the tray.

Oh, and remember the wall, well it would seem that I am being fobbed off and the company has no intention of paying me for a repair. We are now in dangerous territory, I am teetering on the brink of putting it down to the vagaries of life and just paying up and getting the wall done, or getting so cheesed off with their arrogance that I will end up in the small claims court. Perhaps I will mellow with two weeks in the sun, but as I say, I am balanced on a knife edge at the moment between can't be bothered with the hassle or the principle.


  1. Great paintjob George, How many times do you think you'll stab yourself on the Cataphracts lances??

  2. I am painting them just now, and I keep catching myself on the upright lances and knocking the figures over, I move them then suddenly they are back again!

  3. You could just take the stinkin' wall down and never worry about it again?

    1. No, the wall stays, I just keep taking the Valium.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, I am a better painter than photographer.