Sunday, 28 June 2015

View from the Window

Well it's been just over a week now and I just had to show the view. I just knew the iPad would be no use to me, I miss a proper keyboard and my friendly rodent. We have both been hit with 'dysentery' for almost all our first week but have strolled through Pompeii and climbed Vesuvius. As beautiful as it is here I have to say I prefer the North of the country.

I flirted with danger yesterday as I remonstrated with an excitable Italian harridan over having to pay almost £16 for two ice creams for merely sitting on an empty chair to eat them. I got nowhere of course and gave up in a rage before the local minders turned up, Naples is just up the road and I have seen the movie 'Camorra'.

We are slowly catching up with our 'to do' list now that we have recovered, so ciao for now.


  1. I used to spend lot of time in Italy for work and was glad of expenses to pay the horrendous bills. I remember having to pay £5 for a magnum ice cream (every day) for my wife on our honeymoon when staying in Venice...and that was in 1992!

    1. I could give even more horrendous examples but it would just depress me, but one of the worst was the hotel charged £10 for a bucket of ice! A five star hotel with three star services, I have seen better cooked breakfasts at motorway service stations. Grrrr.

    2. Crikey. I used to stay in the Grand Hotel in Rome and one evening I asked for a bucket of ice to chill a bottle of wine in my room. Thereafter, every evening they delivered a bucket of ice, free of charge, to my room. Proper service!