Monday, 11 April 2016

Bolt Action Project Marches On

I finished my basic German squads a week or so ago and before I completed them I built my armoured car, I could not resist it. I have painted the camo on and have given it a wash, next up is some serious weathering, well enough to show the dust of a Normandy summer at least, some stowage items will also have to wait and I am looking to pick up some foliage for protection against the ever present Jabos. I personally feel on most wargame tables the dreaded fighter bombers are far more powerful and accurate than the real things, but that's for another time.

I have now added my heavy weapons support for the German platoon, MG42 in sustained fire position, a medium mortar and a Panzershreck team, for some reason I had forgotten the platoon commander and his sidekick, these are now waiting on the tray along with a sniper team. In reserve I have one more British and German squad to add before I leap into a second platoon for each side and maybe a tank each, or at least an armoured transport.

Now that my beginners forces are almost complete I have moved on to some scenery in anticipation of the first battle. I opened up Charlie Foxtrot's Farmhouse 2 on Sunday morning, it looked daunting as I emptied the bag but it turned out a basic build and within thirty minutes I had it ready for painting. I am not like these guys who wrap elastic bands around the build or use small clamps, I spread my wood glue and hold it together for a minute or so then move on to the next bit. I did stop and spray the windows, shutters and doors with some paint I had lying about, I painted the building with one of those tester pots the missus had tried out for the kitchen. Job done, a very robust building and I loved the blocks CF use to hold the floors in place, a great idea and far superior to those little nubs others use, I may expand this to my existing buildings when I get time. Later that night I put on the laser cut slates just to see how good they looked, I soaked the roof in watered down PVA and slapped them on, as I had not allowed time for the glue to set properly I found one end of the roof bending, my own fault fixed by some superglue, I will have to use this more sparingly in the future and also leave at least 12 hours for drying. The inexpensive tiles do look better.


I sat this morning before facing the public and weathered the building. I am very pleased with the result and may add a base with some bits and pieces at a later date but I want to push on and get all the buildings done for the first game.

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  1. Lovely Germans George! Can't beat a good mortar. Not had much success with a shreck team yet?!? Good farmhouse too. I like the rustic style shutters hanging at a slight angle ;-) proper French farm style. The tiles are definitely better than the basic etched roof. Think I might have to invest in some and re-do the roofs on my buildings.