Monday, 4 April 2016

The Baddies

On watching me put the finishing touches to my latest figures my granddaughter asked if they were the goodies or baddies, I myself like a good baddie but no matter how charismatic they are I always kind of hanker for the guys in the white hats to come through in the end.

So, I have finished my two German Army squads and an extra LMG team, why the extra team you ask, well after I had ordered up my figures I saw on the Warlord Games site that iconic stance with the gun being fired over the shoulder of the loader, I had to get it, so I am already on my way to a third squad.

I am going where possible for the splinter camouflage smock along with the trousers on some figures, it is a fairly easy pattern unlike some of the SS patterns and it didn't really change over time and at 28mm on the table it is fine for me. I washed these troops in Dark Tone but may try Soft Tone next time or a combination of dark on the accoutrements and soft on the clothing. I have made a stab at waffenfarbe and rank insignia where applicable, but I do not have many troops at the moment in normal pattern jackets.

 I took some time out to paint the motorcycle combination before continuing with the platoon support weapons, I just couldn't resist it. The model is from Black Tree Designs and is very nice, I had trouble getting the driver to sit properly and when he did completely by mistake I glued him in to prevent my blood pressure boiling over later in the build. Even though he was on the bike it was not too difficult to paint with him in situ.

 I painted the bike in Mig Dunkelgelb, the lighter of the two shades in the set, I toned it down with a Sepia wash the again drybrushed the light colour over it and finished off with an even lighter dusting of white. I put some mud on and hey presto that was it. I was tempted to make my own number plate for the front or try and find some decals, but I think I am too clumsy for that. I did manage to paint the BMW badge, my third BMW as it happens, if only the others had cost a fiver.

I have ordered up some extra stuff this afternoon as I have spares which I can use to build up two more squads for each side, I also got a couple of forward observers which will be needed in due course. I am now toying with the idea of getting a British armoured car to offset the German one.


  1. They're ace!! :o) The German feldgrau looks spot on and that camo is just fine and dandy. Think I'm going to have to get me one of the motorbike/side-car models.
    The Blitzkrieg AEC Mk III is a very nice model if you're considering a British A/C.
    More please!
    Matt :o)

  2. Thanks Matt, planning the first game for early May once the terrain etc. is up and running and I have finished one or two other things.

  3. I see you photographed the cyclists zooming past the Wehrmacht Disney Activity Set...

    1. Granddaughters taken over the house for two weeks, I have volunteered to do the Post Office.

  4. Lovely work George! Love tge motorbike!!!