Saturday, 30 April 2016

Happy Days

Both the 'unhappy' Postman and I were pleased yesterday, I received my swag from Warlord games and he takes a strange pleasure out of seeing my smiling face whenever a cardboard box arrives. This time it is the 'eavy mob, tanks, a Cromwell for the British and that workhorse of the Panzer divisions a MkIV for the Jerries, along with a truck each, those elusive decals I was after at Salute and a pack of panzerfausts to stick to some infantry. Being used to Airfix 1/72 years ago I was surprised at the size of the tanks, pleasantly surprised I might add.

Before they arrived I had 99% made my mind up that I was going to buy an airbrush to do them justice. I looked on ebay for a used kit but there was nothing, I then asked advice on the Bolt Action Facebook page and got some encouraging answers for a cheap airbrush. However, even the cheapest brush comes in at around £45, then you have to get the compressor, sure you can do with the can propellant but I phoned a company up and was put off this idea, then cleaning solvent etc. so it was approaching £60 - £70. At that price you are getting something which 'will do' it is by no means the best kit, one deal gave you two airbrushes along with the compressor, old sweats advised getting the compressor and then buying a decent airbrush. I had to bite the bullet, how often realistically would I use it and I could get three to four vehicles for that money, so no airbrush.

The sun was shining but it has gone now, however a good day ahead as my son and I face each other across my new table, Western Franks vs Romano-British, my Romans have thrashed them twice but the RB's went down to a crushing defeat the last time we fought so I am out for revenge today. We were hoping to get two days out of it but I have a hospital appointment tomorrow and have been invited to friends for dinner, I think they are feeling sorry for me being on my own, my only fear about this is that with the missus away for another two weeks I will have to attempt a wash on Monday. Battle reports later in the week.


  1. When you say "wash" you don't mean "bathe" do you!!!? ;o)
    (Please say no!)

  2. Yeah, the startup costs on an airbrush are pretty eye-watering. That and the learning curve have kept me from buying one, too. You can get reasonable soft edges on camo by using a stippling technique I reckon, and the real camo patterns were often hard edged anyway.

    1. Totally agree Andy, especially for wargaming only purposes.

  3. I bought an airbrush and used it once. All that cleaning! I couldn't be bothered. I painted dozens of 1:72 and 1:35 tanks with a paint brush and they looked fine!