Wednesday, 20 April 2016

George The Builder, Yes He Can.

Considering I find it difficult to put up a shelf I have completed three buildings in as many days. I managed to get enough roof tiles to completely finish two of the three and I expect to get my latest order from Charlie Foxtrot this afternoon.  This gives me two farmhouses, a large ruin and some outhouses, certainly enough to give me that French countryside look which I am after.

The main farmhouse was a doddle, nothing complex there, the ruined building also was fairly easy albeit I got the fireplaces mixed up at first, I know, check before gluing, but hey. I was looking forward to painting this one. As the top floor was open I Googled 1940's wall paper, copied the example several times, joined it all up and made myself a few rolls in Illustrator which I promptly printed on A4. It was easy to go on, I didn't need to be precise as it was a ruined building after all and any dodgy edges would be chargrilled later. I also wanted some rubble for the corner so I bought some Brick Rubble from Model Scenery Supplies, I have plenty of old MDF bases lying around so I soaked some kitchen roll in PVA and chucked on the rubble, I enhanced the piles with a spare door, shutters and window frames suitably cut up and damaged, a simple black wash sorted these out. I also spread rubble inside the building.

I looked at some photographs and most times when you see a burnt out building you do not see doors and window frames, they of course burn well, so I did not add these to my building therefore I have a lot of nice spares for future rubble heaps or whatever.

Ruined house.

Farmhouse 2 with added extension.
I now realise I have may have set myself an impossible task, as I have to spend each day in the shop for the next couple of weeks without my usual time off, I doubt I will manage those extra squads or squad for Tuesday which is a shame, mind you I was working on these buildings at 0630 hours this morning, no point lying around when there is wargaming stuff to do.

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  1. Excellent! I love the smoke and blast damage effects. Your scratch built rubble piles are superb too.