Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hello and a Build Too Far?

I notice my members counter has jumped to 38 and my visitors graph has gone off the chart, OK, not off the chart but noticeably more hits than usual, in the main I think this is due to my reporting battles on Facebook groups, TMP and those bloggers who have kindly added me to their recommended or favourite sites. I have spotted two recently who have done this and I have reciprocated on my list, if anyone else has done this and you are not on my list then drop me a line.

I am taking a tea break from mapping at the moment, the new project is a bit different than any I have done previously, I normally have at least a sketch of what is required, but this time I have to read the manuscript before drawing and hope that what I come up with is what is required, the internet is a boon for this kind of work.

I have given myself the task of getting everything ready for my first Bolt Action game in a week, I have built all the Charlie Foxtrot models and will roof them tonight, I might even get on to the half destroyed building for which I have a few ideas and am looking forward to. The buildings beg for all those little touches which just lift them to the next level, flower pots, bicycles against the walls, climbing ivy etc. but as I am on a time limit that will have to wait. At least one roof will have to wait as well as I don't think I ordered enough laser cut tiles.

I also want to paint furiously in order to add two more squads to my forces although if Simon can scrape together a force of his Soviets I might only need the Germans. I have also to put down the damn iPad of an evening and read the rules!

I am not going to the club tonight due to the workload I have given myself and I hope to have some photos by tomorrow night.


  1. Hi George, I recently discovered that you had a blog. We have communicated in the past through the TFL forum. I must say that I have enjoyed your musings and have added you to my blog list.


    1. Hi John, I added your blog a day or so ago as I noticed some traffic from it. As you can see I have chosen BA over CoC, despite myself I might get the supplement for Dux Brit by Mike Whittaker and Andy Hawes, Andy knows his Dark Ages. Thanks again, happy reading.