Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The 'Little Tank'

I know, I have watched too much 'Allo, allo' to think of the 222 as anything other than being driven by a Herr Gruber. Anyway, as usual I managed to get a few things done last night, Monday is when the missus has some friends round for a musical evening so I get to hide away in my den completely undisturbed. I watched the exceptional 'Line of Duty' and finished off with an episode of 'Vikings' while getting on with my German command, sniper and the 222. I was hoping to get another building started but didn't make it.

Anyway, the 222, I was tempted to leave it yellow as the weathering would show up better, but decided against that and went for a paint scheme which was easy for a brush rather than an airbrush, a quick Google online for German camo helped. I have to keep reminding myself my models are for wargaming and not to get too bogged down watching experts weather their larger and more expensive kits on YouTube.

I have applied some of the techniques, I go around the edges with a sponge and then top it off with a sliver of metal, not sure I manage that right but I'm pleased with the result, I also 'blacklined' with some dark wash. I did not go for any rust as I think it might have been a tad too much for this little model, but I did give it some mud, my whole army has been caught in the aftermath of a Normandy rain shower, besides I have a very large tub of mud.

So there you go, this gives me two recce choices, the motorbike combo or the 222, I also await my British armoured car from Blitzkreig and that reminds me I must get some decals at Salute.

I can't go without mentioning the utter balderdash which 'Vikings' the series is. It is bad enough tampering with the timeline of history and I almost forgive the odd woman in the shieldwall but being so politically correct as to have armour clad female guards protecting the woman prisoner is pushing me to the limit. Not only that but the unarmed, skinny size 4 prisoner managed to fight them off and actually beat one to death before being 'rescued' by the guy. My loyalties now lie with Duke Rollo, a man's man, a devious, unrepentant me, me, me character destroying anyone who gets in the way of his ambition, my only reason for keeping up with this tosh.

The Duke.


  1. I lost interest with Vikings somewhere during season two. Like all these 'historical' dramas they have to twiddle with history, have daft fantasy-esque outfits and try to apply modern PC views to the story...
    Have they introduced a trans-gender character yet?

  2. Funny you should say that, there was a character of indeterminate sex during the last season, right up until the end I thought it was a woman, but no, it was male, and I use the term loosely. He was closer to Boy George than Eric the Red.