Thursday, 21 April 2016

Sneak Peek

Colin at Charlie Foxtrot asked to add my building pics to his customer gallery, as I had just thrown them down I said I would put them in a better context so I am sharing them with you. I have still just thrown them down but in a gaming setting, I hope these are fine for Colin. I got another small order from CF today and inside was a few extras which will help me improve that countryside look I am after, it's good to be mates with the owner/designer.

I won't get any the small extras done before Tuesday but I am beginning to hope the squads will be ready afer a couple of hours painting last night.

That last slender thread of history has now been broken so that's it for Vikings, despite more skulduggery to come from Duke Rollo I refuse to acknowledge Earl Lagartha's (?) coup and the 'threat' of her armed St. Trinians mob as anything more than sheer fantasy. I don't have a word suitable for it.


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  2. Now now George, I have not watched episode 10 yet so that is really too much of a spoiler.

    As an aside, I quite like the series, I have long ago suspended belief, after all Ragnar himself has very little basis in history. Myself and one of my friends who much like the Saxon stories and have quite enjoyed linking up this series with the Last Kingdom. Does not the young Ubba in the Viking look like the old Ubba in the Last Kingdom!

    We had quite a time sorting out the lineage between Æethwulf and Æelwold, it does get quite complicated when one king has 5 sons who were apparently all kings.

    So I would not worry about the history too much, I just enjoy the spectacle, but of course I enjoy Game of Thrones as well!

    1. I catch up with all sorts in front of the PC as background for painting which is the only reason I went back to it, but in the words of Popeye "I canst takes no more".

      Don't worry there is all sorts going on which no doubt will not come as any surprise to you. I'm going back to Gotham.

  3. I've only seen the first four episodes??? Terrible i know!