Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Dice, Grrr!

Club night and I was looking forward to a straight up fight with Simon's Soviets, I thought we could even try one of the other scenario types rather than attrition, then I got a text, I usually do not see texts until they are past their sell by date, but I now keep the phone with me in the PO on a Tuesday just in case a wargamer needs to get in touch. Sure enough Julian enquired what games were on and said that he and Andy would join in, like the US Marines we never leave a man behind so I offered them a place in our game.

So I decided to be ready for once, and spent lunchtime on Easy Army choosing a selection of 500 point forces to join to Andy's 500 points, I wasn't sure what Andy had thus the selection. I also packed the terrain in one big box and put it in the car, checked my wargaming 'manbag' for all the essential tools and then decided not to go back to mapping but shoved on BBC iPlayer and put my feet up.

I watched the documentary on the Greeks, but the presenter got to me with his OTT mannerisms and his carefully crafted 'just got out of bed' look so I went back to Tabletop Battles.

Anyway, now I have got that off my chest, we got to the club and leisurely set up the table and decided to go once again for attrition, we did a bit of chatting about WWII, Bolt Action, figures etc. so didn't kick off until gone 7.30. I had taken two eight man infantry squads, Medic, MMG and my fast becoming favourite, the Marder, if Andy or I had taken a tank we would have been left with two men and a dog, hence the Marder. If we had been able to communicate during the day we would have come up with a better list perhaps, which might have included a tank but we didn't. Andy had two squads, an MMG, light mortar a Hanomag and a PzII which we used for Recce. Andy's stuff is early war Western Front while we were fighting on the Eastern Front around 1944. The Russians were fairly basic and had four infantry squads, flamethrower, sniper and a T34/85, one of the squads at least were veteran.

I was determined this time not to rush in and think about my moves instead, so I went for a central building while my other squad advanced through a small wood with the intention of taking another on the right, they had the Medic along with them, I was hoping he was going to be worthwhile. The Marder I kept out of the way on the left flank to help Andy. The Russians rolled their tank up to the centre of the table but no further as Simon was suffering from Panzerfaust fever, sadly it was just out of range for the said weapon in the building. The T34 shot at the little PzII and immobilised it, the second shot caused a fire which was soon put out, and the third again did nothing, the Recce crew led a charmed life. I opened up a couple of times but only caused pins, no kills, then I caught a Russian squad in the open, five hits, no kills!

Goes by the name of 'Lucky'.
Quick, load blanks.

Andy asked my advice on what to do with his armoured squad and it looked at the time that we could clear a house of enemy and I urged him forward while the Marder would lend supporting fire, we did indeed make the occupant suffer but Simon managed to get his flamethrower into action and we lost our brave (foolish) grenadiers. Another valuable lesson learned and definitely my fault, don't listen to me Andy!
Suicide squad.
That was it as time caught up with us, a four way game needed more time or people au fait with the rules, Simon and I are picking them up quicker but Andy and Julian haven't played in a while, so there was a lot of explaining and double checking going on. Despite this it was worthwhile and Julian I think is searching for a new army to try out, or maybe two as his son is interested, Simon and I are going to try and have some games during his six week break and play them to a conclusion.

Elsewhere we had the boardgame, Bloodbowl, big battle Saga and newcomer Ryan showing Stuart Kings of War, if we didn't multi player we would have no room.


  1. George, I told you not to use my dice !!!

    1. Make sure you bring those dice in September Phil, I'll have my lucky set, wait a minute ..............