Sunday, 3 July 2016

View From The Window

Not looking good for the rest of the day, grey skies and a bit of wind out there. 'Chickenhead' has just gone past, the guy has gone to the hairdresser and asked for a short back and sides, really short, but leave the top kind of rugged and colour it a kind of off red, to me it is like waking up one morning and deciding you suddenly need a piece of shrapnel through your lip, nose or ear to make you more attractive. Anyway the weather won't save me today as the missus has plans for me both outside and in depending on how the day pans out. Several houses up for sale in the village now, very expensive renovations still ongoing on Washington House.

You may remember we have a wood burner now and the only downside of course is getting a ton of wood delivered and then having to move it to the outhouse at the top of the garden and stack some for 'ready use' in the wash house next to the house. The evenings have been rather cool considering it is summer so the missus decided to replenish the pile which was non existent, the load was scheduled to turn up on Thursday so that we could move it on our half day off, chuffed I was, as that little dwarf character would say. Lovely dry afternoon, no wood, they came on Friday, thirty seconds before a torrential rainstorm hit us.

Try as I might to ignore the rubbish on the Facebook trending box, I caught this one this week 'Consent Education', what is that I thought, so hit the button, I never learn. It would seem that girls/women now need to be taught to say NO to sex, and presumably boys/men to understand that NO actually means no. I always thought that was a given but what do I know.

And while we are on the subject of madness, but a hilarious madness this time, the Remainers who have not come to grips with the Brexit result, the deniers who make my day. Like the woman whose two year old son was 'terrified' at the prospect of leaving, or the little girl who realised 'something was wrong with mummy' or the fool who has decided he is simply not leaving the EU, you couldn't make it up. Most people on both sides are simply getting on with their lives, the vote is done and the people who run the country now have to actually work to improve it. Yes, I am a tad upset at being labelled a moron, a racist, a fascist and all sorts of other ist's because I voted the 'wrong' way, but the frenzy and stupidity of that small group of remainers who make me smile almost makes up for it.

This has to be pointed out and I apologise that Brexit is behind it, however the same thing happens so often with many different subjects it is both comical and insulting. I watched CH4 news as sport had again upset my early evening timetable, or it could have been moving the wood. Channel 4 followed a photo journalist on a dangerous trip to the north of England to find out why people in the outback had voted leave, he went to Burnley, his first port of call was a house which I would not have entered if you had paid me, to ask the opinions of several card carrying 'left behind by society' types. He then looked out what must have been the dingiest club in the most rundown area of Burnley where the local pint swilling, smoking, fat, unhealthy, unemployed women were playing ............ darts! Guess how they voted. Job done.

Oop North.

I see the nothing to do with Islam Islamists have been having a field day around the globe again, do you know that the group who were playing when they hit the club in Paris are now being banned from playing at some gigs, wait for it, in case the place is attacked! So it was their fault then?

I am trying very hard to come up with something more positive, and here it is. Yesterday I went once again to the annual dance show which my granddaughter takes part in, she was involved in three dances and obviously was the best dancer in the routines, which I am ready to stake money on, that's how good she was. And despite my normal grumpiness and cynicism this is an uplifting two hours of entertainment by a bunch of kids who work very hard and put on a great show, from the toddlers to the teens, well done.

I can't leave of course without firing off a Parthian shot, the news anchor on the BBC for some inane reason informed us all that the Queen's visit to Northern Ireland was the first since Brexit, worth every penny of the licence.

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