Thursday, 14 July 2016

At a Loose End

All my major wargaming projects are complete for the time being and I feel kind of lost after about two years of building my Dark Age armies, the Romans and now my Bolt Action forces. Like most wargamers I have a wish list, mine includes possible Byzantine, Sassanid or Pyrrhic armies, the two former because I like Aventine figures and the latter for that reason and that I need an opponent for my Romans. I can in actual fact suborn my Saxons into serving as German Barbarians, wait a minute, is that not what they are, anyway it is possible in the safety of my own house where 'that guy' is not going to point out they are too late for the classical period.

I could do some weathering on my WWII buildings and I do have some Dux Brit troops to base up for War and Conquest as they are fairly redundant for that game although I do actually like it, the way I am doing it they can be used for both rule sets, just in case. Although my flocking marathon is now finished I did miss a couple of bases, so I have that to do as well. I went crazy with the Late Summer Grass and bought a spray adhesive to reflock my hills as well, unfortunately the original flock I put on them blended in better with the mat than the new stuff, I'm not doing them again. I also managed to rummage some WWII British from the drawer and noticed if I add four more guys I can have a full squad, so I am going to do that.

I also have a graveyard to do for Dead Man's Hand, I have everything but the fence to go around it, so I might get that this afternoon. Although I don't need to I am going to add a few more figures to my DMH collection later in the year when all the new stuff from Black Scorpion hits the shelves.

I managed to catch up with some TV series I like as well, however I am now up to date so googled the ten best TV shows of 2015 to see what I have missed. I caught Season 2 of 'Better Call Saul' the spin off from 'Breaking Bad' but despite loving the character and enjoying Season 1 I have given up, the story lines are too bland and there doesn't seem to be a point to it, because we all know where he is going. Next up was 'UnReal' a programme about Reality TV, I got about two thirds in and realised the show was even crueller than a Jeremy Kyle special, even though it was sending up the genre I simply could not watch. I tried several other shows on the list but admitted defeat, I wonder who came up with the list or am I just so out of touch with modern entertainment.

I got to watch my hero the other night, Batman vs Superman and settled down for some KAPOW! BIFF! BANG! nonesense and duly put my brain to the side for a couple of hours. No, no go there either. I liked the gritty Batman who I think did actually manage to kill a few baddies and his car was something else, but he doesn't live in a modern glass box and the Batcave is not under a lake. The whole thing was simply an excuse for the producer to get the Batman/Superman fight from the graphic novel on the big screen and he didn't even do that convincingly. Why would Lex Luthor, who brings Superman to his knees, need Superman to kill Batman? Utter tosh. God knows what they are going to do to the next Spiderman.

It's the same with many of the comics now as well, they have to be relevant, the characters now have to be ethnic or have issues or be gay or the story line needs you to have a degree in astrophysics to work out what is happening. I have the Guardians of the Galaxy gathering dust on the shelf after losing the will to live half way through.

So what have I got left of an evening while home alone, till these four guys turn up or I finally make my mind up and buy an army, nothing much, but of course this is a dangerous time for a wargamer, a bit like simply looking at cars and coming home with a new one.


  1. George,
    Well done with your achievements! :o)

    Next... You *need* a Sassanid army! ;o)

    Give Keith at Aventine a buzz; lovely chap and wonderful figures. I intend to get some to expand my EIR for use as Men of the Southern Kingdoms in Kings of War, amongst other things.



  2. All of those armies are being planned with Aventine in mind but I have to be patient.