Sunday, 3 July 2016


OK, so I couldn't resist it, the Panther is done. I wasn't quite sure about which camouflage pattern to use, there was a nice overall green pattern with thin yellow stripes but I had already painted the thing in dunkelgelb so I was kind of stuck. I was also going to do a before and after shot, but got started on the camo yesterday so kind of ruined that idea.

I also changed paints with this and the Marder, the Mig Panzer colours don't really do what they say on the tin, they are mixed for airbrushes and therefore too thin for use with a brush to get the best effects. The two rust colours have been excellent however the Vallejo Panzer Aces are more suitable for brushwork, having said that it was too late to check if they did German camo colours, I am sure they do but a base of Dark Sand, Russian Uniform green and Red Leather have worked just fine.

I have not put stowage on the Panther and don't intend to, I think I have only ever seen one with a lot of stuff on the  back and I am unsure of that, the problem would be the engine grills on the rear deck, you simply cannot clog them up in case the engine overheats, at least that is my guess. I suspect it is the same on the Tiger, but then again I can only put water and petrol in my car, so I could be way off.

They do however carry foliage and I have seen one with some netting draped over the sides, I shall leave this decision for the time being as I am unsure whether to add it or not.

Nothing exciting for the future, apart from a Churchill at some point, I am going to get some Kubelwagens, a command SdKfz 250 and some jeeps for the British. I did fancy getting a Horch and a Dorchester but the prices are bugging me, not that the others are much cheaper. I will complete the last German squad next week and then do a couple of other small projects which have been left on the side before getting back to WWII.

I have just noticed I haven't painted the tools, see what I mean about patience and the lack of it.


  1. Looking good George! Your best camp yet I reckon.
    Even after a weekend of tanks it's still a pleasure to see one more!
    The Panther is a real beast up close BTW.

  2. Thanks gents, last one for a time, got to save up the pocket money. I have seen a real one Matt, got just over an hour at Bovington years ago, which is why I need to get back at some point.