Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Lady in Red

I said last week I would join in an X-Wing game, I printed an old list off thirty minutes before leaving the house last night. The list is a good one and has played well before, it is not complicated and has one slightly tooled up ship, Kath Scarlett's Firespray and four Tie rookie pilots running ..... mind a blank, wait, interference, wake up George.

My wingman Ian only has the starter set and a couple of extras as far as I know, so two Tie fighters there and two Tie Interceptors, not at first glance a formidable force to take on Simon and Andrew who do love their special ability cards, they also have some of the newer ships to arrive courtesy of the new movie (I think). There are some really neat new models but as I only play now and then I cannot justify the cash.

Our plan such as it was was for my Tie flight to head off into nowhere and hopefully pull some of Simon's ships with them while Kath would join Ian's ships against Andrew. This worked to some extent but no sooner had we got in range of Andrew we very quickly lost an Interceptor and a Tie. Kath was handing out some nice damage with her heavy laser cannon and sent a Y-Wing to the great beyond, but it was now imperative to leave Ian to it and join her dog fighting escort against Simon.

Opening Moves

Ian runs into trouble.

Simon did indeed follow the Ties and let loose several barrages at them, but against all the odds the Ties managed to evade most of the fire and in turn began to take shields off the enemy. These little fighters lasted a lot longer than they should have and Simon was having a hard time taking them down, he did manage to tractor beam one into such a position it flew off the combat area, for some reason everyone but me enjoyed that.

I looked behind me and was surprised to see Ian's ships still in the fight and actually winning despite running on string and ceiling wax. I lost another couple of Ties which brought my total losses to three with the fourth careening off in the middle of nowhere, however as we finished the game Simon's last two ships were heavily damaged and it looked likely that Kath would outfight them, Ian had wiped out his opponent and would have been mad to join the fray unless he had to.

Tie dogfight.
Kath on form.
On points the Empire sneaked a win, it would have been nice to have seen how Kath handled the remaining Scum ships but time was against us. Right at the beginning it looked like we were going to get nowhere as Ian's two ships bit the dust but things turned around in the mid game. I really must put more effort into a build for the next time I take to the stars.

My thanks to Simon for the photos as I forgot both camera and iPad. We had a full house last night with a zombie game, Bloodbowl and Henry Tudor fighting in France, we also had two Sharpe Practice games going on, although I am not a fan the soldiers everyone was using were beautiful examples of our hobby. I also received a present, Julian brought me in a wet pallete which he had been waxing lyrical about the week before, so I feel I should give it a go, I suspect it is best if doing large numbers of uniformed troops, my boys do not tend to be so regimented, however it was a very kind and appreciated gesture and I will try it out.

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