Sunday, 12 March 2017

View From The Window

We had a lovely week here despite the experts giving rain for most days, still a little on the crisp side but we got sun and what I was assured was lovely walking weather, yes I agreed, looks fine from behind this screen. Spring must have sprung as I have noticed at least two viewings for the house next door, but Washington House still languishes unwanted, not enhanced by the now almost permanent scaffolding.

What is it with old guys and trainers, you see them shuffle along in their beige or brown cardies and slacks with maybe a flat cap and then your eyes are drawn to the fluorescent orange and green trainers with the go faster stripes on the plates of meat. My old man was the same, his warm, coloured clothes had been taken by the clothes police the moment he picked up his pension, can't wear blue or red old yin that's for the young folks, but here is a pair of  Nike Air Max LD-Zero H's. Zoooooom!

You can buy a T-Shirt which is described as a top fashion item with the logo 'More Than Two Genders' on it, designed by someone whose name is unprintable if you have any sense of decency, but the catch is it only comes in Male or Female!

I am a bit late to this one, when President Trump first announced his ban Starbucks decided to show him who was boss by immediately announcing they would employ 10,000 Moslems, did it work? Not according to their latest sales figures it didn't, so not only did they cheese off the half of Americans who voted for the Donald they were asked to explain why you had to be a Moslem to work there and wasn't that discriminatory to non-Moslems. Foot - gun.

Well 50% are still with us, oops.

I now watch Pointless to relax after a long day serving the community, more because I have kind of went off The Chase despite prefering Bradley Walsh to Pinky and Perky on the former show. Anyway up came a bunch of photographs of the UK's 500 most influential people put together by De Brett's, you know, the authority in British etiquette, influence, weddings and style. The first thing into my mind was NO WAY, I looked the list up as my blood pressure rose and scrabbled for a safety valve before my head exploded. Graham Norton was there, described as a comedian of all things, some player from Leicester City and a host of other talentless nobody's but the one which had me spitting blood was the woman from Bake Off, the one who is set fair to become a BBC star as she ticks all the right boxes. 60,000,000+ people in the country and they put a baker on the list. Yes I know DeBrett's is as pointless as the programme's name north of the Watford Gap but still.

I see there was a storm over someone having the gall to say that some people receiving a disability benefit shouldn't be, all of a sudden real people with real disabilities, not the ones the politician was referring to, were protesting before you could say Jack Robinson at his inhumanity. There are some 77,000 alcoholics and drug addicts on benefits, there are over 4,000 who are tired, over a quarter of a million who are depressed and ten with acne. I know people here with cars, how did that get past the goalposts, the Batmobile is nine years old, the wife's car may last until I am six feet under, because I cannot afford a new car, but these punters get a new one every two years, and not some old Corsa, I have one turning up in a gleaming 4x4 which only toodles between her house and the supermarket.

The government has no intention of stopping benefits cheats and whenever they do once in a blue moon it is met with a fanfare of trumpets. Lisa Ann White who owns two cafe's and holidays all over the place has stolen £150,000 claiming she was disabled until she got caught dancing, she got 18 months, that's not a bad wage considering of that she will only serve about half, I would do time for £150,000. She is only the tip of the iceberg, but the rest is floating happily away underneath.

And to finish, some schools are allowing pupils to have naps in class as the poor dears are exhausted, shouldn't they just miss out the middle and tiresome part of life and simply check in to a care home now.


  1. My George you are on top form and on point today.

    Trust your Romans will be also ;~)

    1. A successful day all round then. More anon.

  2. Are you actually me or just my alter ego? Could not agree more.

  3. Perhaps we could have nap time at work George?

  4. Excellent rant as always! Keep it up! The gender thing is really funny.