Thursday, 9 March 2017

Up and Running(ish)

I was told yesterday, Wednesday, that my computer was ready and could I pay the invoice, I duly rang Scan up and paid, it was only the carraige as the parts were still under warranty, so I got a new motherboard, new graphic card along with a new processor, but it was too late in the day to get it delivered next day so I expected it this Friday. I was nearly out the back door on the way to the shops when the doorbell went, it was my computer, no emails, no warning, just a big box, lucky me, or was I.

Along with the new stuff above I also got a new, clean or 'refreshed' C drive with none of my programmes on it. I then had to spend most of the afternoon persuading several firms I was indeed who I said I was and that I wanted to reload my programmes as I had already paid for them, and no I could not remember the product key from three years ago but you take my cash every twelve months.

I think I have everything up and running now, all the important stuff anyway, thankfully I learned my lesson with Illustrator and saved my preferences so I only had to reload them, no doubt as the days go by I shall go to load something and find it is not there, but at least it is in front of me again instead of on a workbench somewhere.

My son has informed me that Dawn of War III will be released on 27 April, so it would seem I am just in time to lead my Space Marines against the decadent Eldar and disordered Orks, as you know if you are a regular, Dawn of War is one of the few PC games I have enjoyed and this one is arriving just as I shall be getting some me time having nearly finished the new army. I have preordered it to get some freebie's but mainly to have it on day one.

I also recieved four guards to use on my Patrician Rally Point from Footsore in the mail, and there was an added bonus inside the envelope of a free Saxon Noble figure, I got the wrong end of the stick and thought you had to spend over a certain amount to get him, but on checking no, any order this month gets one. Still, a nice gesture from an excellent company.

I was going to take a break from painting this week and only build and prime my Hun Nobles, I once again had a terrible time putting them together as the new metal does not like superglue very much, I gave up with this and turned to a general purpose glue and it worked fine. My disappointment at this was quickly overcome by the excellent look of these figures and although it is not my cup of tea Aventine give you buckets of stuff to personalise each rider, I am looking forward to painting them. I have already started on the horses. If you do buy Aventine and avail yourself of the Nomads or their like then think of using a general purpose glue or an accelerant or, believe it or not, one of the cheaper superglues you can get at the likes of Poundland. Sorted.

I also finished my Roman Commander Aetius this week, just in time to lead his men out on to the field of battle on Sunday.


  1. Glad your PC is a go-er again! Lovely painting as always :o)
    But... Space Marines?? Where are the Guard, sir?

    1. Thanks, I like the Marines in the game because you can customise them, I used to have an outfit with Batman badges on and of course the St Andrews flag. This new version may pose my mature reactions a problem.

  2. A good news day.

    Good luck on Sunday, Vivat Romae!

    1. It is going to be an interesting match up.