Saturday, 11 March 2017

Liar, Liar

I said I was taking a week off from painting, well I haven't. After I had got the Hun cavalry cleaned and primed I couldn't help but start the horses, I got on so well with them I am now going to start on the riders. While I was sitting there the thought came to me to add a couple of bolt shooters to my army, I got these several years back when you were allowed them with a Romano-British list and although dubious, extremely dubious in fact, I got a couple because they looked good.

The lists were updated and out they went, not that I used them often anyway but the choice was always there, they began gathering dust as the crew were Late Romans and would not look right for the Twelfth, I slipped up there and the Thunderbolts now have a contingent of 'heavy' artillery rather than field bolt shooters, but they are too nice and expensive to discard. Bolt shooters were not on the Patrician list but there was no reason for that apart from an oversight as I believe Aetius had them at Chalons against Atilla, so I put my hand up and bang, bolt shooters. All I needed to do to get them ready was a tiny bit of base work and the renewal of one shield transfer, so should an elephant make its way to 5th C. Gaul I am ready for it.

While my brain was still active I came up with a ruse to use a Roman tent which has been lying on the shelf since Dux Britanniarum went for a Burton along with three others. It shall now become the Rally Point for my Patricians, not that they will ever need such a thing of course (tempts fate). So I based it on some card while the Hun horses dried and I have now scrounged my bits box for some little add on's to populate it with, the guards turned up tout suite from Footsore so we have the green light. It may be a bit too sparse but I shall keep my eye open for suitable Roman camp debris or perhaps the odd concubine to enhance it later on.

Although some of the new army took to the field of glory a few weeks ago against psuedo Vikings and Successors the main field force will be engaged tomorrow when I meet my sons Carolingians. The Patricians will be on the back foot meeting an army 400 years ahead of them and it will require careful handling, a challenge for my usual modus operandi. The army has a solid core of infantry to hold the line but it relies on the Foederati to take the battle to the enemy and it is the handling of these which will require some thought.

I also have some more War and Conquest action next Sunday when I head over to Snaith in Yorkshire for some friendly games with the Curtis brothers, I don't think there are many of us turning up but I will be happy getting a couple of games in. I am unsure whether to take the Romano-British or the Patricians, I hesitate with the latter as I would like the option of taking Hun Nobles rather than Goths, but we will see.

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