Monday, 13 March 2017


Yesterday was the big day for my Patricians, they would be brought to battle under the eyes of their commander. I had deliberated quite a bit before deciding on using Aetius as he has to be placed with his Bucellarii and this effectively just about rules him out of taking control of the army in a central position. I could have taken a token number and used him like a general but that would defeat the point of having a prestigious bodyguard, so I bit my tongue and paid up. I also spent points on upgrading my nomads to Huns whose proficiency with a bow I was counting on during the coming affray, I also decided to take the Goth chieftain with his foot Nobles, All these troops would be my battle winners while three Legions and some skirmishers from the field army would, I hope provide the backbone of my defence. To help this along I had given two of the Legions light armour along with their large shields and darts.

The Carolingians I was fighting have several hard hitting formations, both cavalry and infantry all with a mix of protection and weapons, I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive about this match up, but I had an idea to crush one of their flanks with my good troops and then turn in to help the Legions who hopefully would stand their ground. Although we both chose objectives we were out for blood and only a decisive win would please both sides.

Carolingians on the left, Romans on the right.
Roman Left.

As we deployed I was able to put my Goths opposite an easy target, some Carolingian Liberi, but Stewart countered with a Milites unit so suddenly it looked a bit dodgy for the Goths, but if I could gain the hill and hit them hard and fast I might still have a chance of gaining the flank. The Bucellarii with the Huns in support were on my left but looked outclassed by a large enemy cavalry unit with massed archers in support, but this is where I put my secret weapons, my bolt throwers which I had only just completed the night before, my infantry held the centre. The enemy centre looked vulnerable so I decided to push the infantry forward as quick as possible while holding the Bucellarii back as a reserve.

Goths approach the hill.

Carolingians ready to grab the heights.
Stewart won most of the initiative rolls so managed to beat the Goths to the small hill while he turned the Liberi in to the centre as my infantry advanced, on his right his archers and cavalry began to drop as bolts and arrows hit them, this caused him to pause, which may have been a mistake, but the bolt shooters and Huns were proving exceptionally good at hitting all in front of them. It was my turn to pause and the infantry went into shieldwall, on my right I was toying with the idea of pulling the Goths back out of javelin range but before I could the enemy charged downhill at them, I thought I was going to lose my right flank. Despite everything the Goths held and routed the Milites, shortly afterword the Liberi and the Pueri cavalry also fell victim to Roman swords as the Anglevarii and Regii routed and dispersed their opponents. On my left the Carolingian cavalry still feared the bolt shooters and hid behind their archers whose numbers were quickly diminishing, the King's bodyguard too had taken many casualties from the Huns and skirmishers, so much that I now readied the Bucellarii for a charge, this would pin them and the Huns would hit the flank. Before this could happen the last unit of the destroyed Carolingian centre now ran and Stewart threw the towel in as his remaining men now faced the complete Roman army.

The lines get ready.
It is all over.

 A really good game for me, beginning with the Goths winning their fight and then with Stewart having some bad luck when routing, his mounted Pueri could not outrun a Legion and all his other fleeing units were caught and dispersed. The Bolt shooters took him by surprise and their very effective shooting took me by surprise, I was also very pleased with the killing power of the Hun archers. The army had performed well, it was time for a second game.

This time I deployed both of my elite units on my right, I had hoped to clash with Stewart's cavalry but instead the Bucellarii had infantry to their front, I decided to chance a charge into them and see what would happen. My left was vulnerable so I would leave a Legion in position there while on the far left I hoped the Huns would harry the enemy cavalry, my other infantry I wanted to rush forward and seize the nearest hill. Stewart again won most of the intiative rolls and got to the hill before me, I did manage to get one unit on to the rise but the Anglevarii couldn't make it before the Liberi stood above them. On the right the Goths went in pell mell and caused some devastating casualties on their opponents who nonetheless managed to recover and a hard slog ensued, Stewart always managing to make his morale throws. Aetius led his bodyguard forward and crashed into some Milites, I really needed to make this count, I did manage a push back but failed to break the Carolingians, I needed the Anglevarii in the line but twice they failed to form shieldwall and when they did manage and make a cautious advance they were charged by the Liberi.

Romans on the left, Carolingians on the right.
The lines about to clash, the Goths go in.

With hard fighting raging I looked to the left and found the Carolingian cavalry tied up with the Huns, skirmishers and bolt throwers, I took a chance therefore and calculated that I could throw the Regii into the massed archers to their front before the cavalry could intercede. At last I managed to punch a hole in the Carolingian line, the Goths were once again victorious after a prolonged combat and now dithered whether to help the Bucellarii or hit the Liberi in the rear.

Stewarts favourite unit eventually routed the Lanciarii to their front, this Legion had held for five turns of combat against elite troops so no shame when they eventually broke. At the same time the Carolingian massed archers dispersed and their skirmish supports ran for the rear, the Bucellarii after a desperate fight also overcame their opponents who had put up a more than spirited defence. The Liberi were locked in a losing contest with the Anglevarii, the main Carolingian cavalry unit had been reduced to almost nothing and had yet to return to the table while the Pueri chased after some skirmishers. The battle was lost.

Aetius in the fray.
The Romans win a second time.


This was a grinding contest of a game and both infantry lines suffered large numbers of casualties, both sides managed to roll excellent morale throws which ensured even more slaughter but eventually it was the Carolingians who gave ground. My army had proved itself and battle hardened it can now join the others with its standards held high.

Stewart's wonderful Rally Point.


  1. Glad to hear that the 'last of the Romans' did well. I hope to face them with mine one day soon...

    1. I would love a return match at some point Andy.

  2. Lovely looking toys sir! Glad you had a splendid game :o)

    1. It's a nice army thanks to the figures and transfers. I will add two more units at some point but no hurry now they are at the front.

  3. Fine table, fine toys and two fine wins, Roma victrix!

    1. It was two good wins, albeit Stewart is blaming everything apart from my generalship.

  4. Well done George!! Victory never tasted do sweet eh?

    1. Like a particularly sweet golden melon.