Sunday, 26 March 2017

View From The Window

Beautiful sunny day although it is still sharply cold at this time, Mothers Day of course and I have already given my mother a thought or two and shortly will be preparing breakfast in bed for the mother of my warriors just to keep in the good books. Both cars are getting a wash and brush up today seeing as the weather is nice so I will have to venture outside and the missus wants to 'get in the garden' which means I shall find something to do elsewhere which will involve sitting down. I am going to be home alone for three weeks from next week so by the end of it the words bear and sorehead will likely be appropriate. A suicide in the village last week, a local man threw himself off the Crag which dominates the village, a sad thing indeed.

A desperate week with another 'not in the name of Islam' Islamic attack on innocents in London and the usual hand wringing and hindsight comments from every man and his dog. What we must not do is turn our land into a hideous fortress in an attempt to stop every nut from harming anyone, sadly our security forces cannot possibly stop the odd nutter with a car or knife hurting someone so the only thing we can do is not give in and begin to treat them like the enemy they are. Did you notice the self seeking lawyer who came up with the idea of suing ISIS, good luck with that one mate, but you got some free publicity.

Did you notice the fine upstanding words from the House that we were never going to give in to terrorism, did you like me then think it strange that those same people were eulogising a murdering terrorist as a man of peace a few days before? I keep reading that McGuinness only turned to peace when he saw that we were winning, well we have yet to see one IRA bullet, all their murdering zealots were given a get out of jail free card, while our troops can be legally hunted until they die of old age. Large numbers of men known to have a hand in some of the worst atrocities are walking free, I could go on and on, suffice to say I knew this outpouring of disgusting praise was coming but, like the great majority of Britons outside the Establishment, I am standing squarely with Norman Tebbitt.

McGuinness' real legacy.

While the murderer was getting all the praise poor Chuck Berry got a few footnotes as he passed away, a man in my mind who was a musical genius rather than a pop sensation like George Michael or a weirdo like David Bowie. Rock 'n Roll Chuck and thanks for the music.

I see that belatedly the media are now turning their sights on the bombings in Mosul, and shock, horror our bombs have been killing civilians as well, now how can we get out of this one, Russians bomb, war criminals, we bomb err................

What about something up beat I hear you say, well Oxford University now has a full time Diversity Officer, just in case someone wants to say something someone else will or might take offence at and to destroy the perpetrators future life.

I got a visit from a Tobacco Rep the other day, she just wanted to make sure that if I was selling cigs I knew all about the new unbranded packs being foisted on the cig companies. However the law does not carry over to tins or containers, so the cig people are now busily beavering away making tins which will carry a packet of fags with, yes, their brand on it. There has also been a big boom in the sale of the old fashioned cigarette holder since the governments 'war on tobacco'.

Now you know I am not a lover of having my meal presented to me on a slate, slab of wood or in a little wire prison, well this takes the entree, a restaurant in Plymouth has gone one better, you eat your food off the back of your hand in there. Now they don't even have to look around for cheap eastern European dish washers, the fools eat off their hands!

I have seen and heard quite a bit from Gina Miller recently, why? Quickly overtaking her in the must have a quote stakes or here's what I think sound bites is the husband of poor Jo Cox, Brendan, why would I want to listen to this touchy feely, love everyone, let them all in, hate Brexit, we're all doomed, nobody?

There is nothing so rewarding as seeing one of the 'up their own backsides' falling on it, Phillip Schofield, a revered TV presenter tweeted, big mistake Phil, that he was crossing Westminster Bridge in defiance of ISIS and in solidarity with the injured and dead. Yes his colleagues duly praised him while the rest of us ridiculed him mercilessly at every turn.

 That other national treasure Eamon Holmes and his wife did the same, it's a pity the sincerity went out the window as they took along a camera crew and photographer, just in case they were not recognised.


  1. Another fine view George, not sure about the David Bowie bit, but then again I'm often described as weird ;~)
    I'm sure that they only had the camera team so that they would not have to walk it more than once in order to be recognised.

    1. I only listen to music about five times a year if that, but I do like old fashioned rock 'n roll when I hear it.

  2. Well up to snuff, though I don't agree with all your points for once.

    1. Nor would I expect that David, just my views. Villa great kit.