Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Americas are saved, for a mo.

In keeping with my Imperial leanings I took to the field this week at the club to teach the Colonial Rebels a lesson in the American War of Independence with a game of Muskets and Tomahawks, Rob usually organises these but as he wasn't present this Tuesday Andy bravely stepped up to the line.

It was a simple meeting engagement with both sides claiming a small village with divided loyalties. We both had a typical small force for the era with Indians, Regulars and Irregulars along with a cannon each, the Yankee one being heavier than the British. I had command of the British left with two regular companies or battalions, I am not sure of the scale in this game, along with a small group of Indians and a cannon, Julian on my right had two regular units and one irregular. Ryan and Charlie had much the same kind of make up on the other side of the table.

We had taken a bit of time to chat and build the terrain so I wanted to simply go straight forward in the time honoured manner of the British in that war and send the Yanks running, I also sent my band of savages tip toeing through the woods towards the American right flank which seemed to be getting ignored. The battle opened well for us and we quickly advanced to the main road and took position behind the fences lining it, my artillery caused some hurt on a rash bunch of Colonials determined to advance to contact. Shortly after this the same bunch took several devastating volleys from the British line and hastily dispersed, on the other flank the Americans made a tentative advance only to retire again as soon as the firing started, my Indians were yomping through the woods.

The Rebel left again advanced and this time made it to the outskirts of the village, but their Indians who were also trying a flanking manoeuvre were shot down and ran for shelter. The crises was approaching and my Indians duly charged into the flank of a group of frontiersmen holding the end of the line, this was spectacularly successful and the butchers bill favoured my blood thirsty mob as the enemy melted away. The nearby American artillerymen shaking in their boots tried a desperate shot and missed, they frantically began to reload with nervous glances at the approaching Indians but time was against them.

The odds were now stacked in favour of the King's men as yet another Colonial company disappeared on their left, with their right flank non existent and outnumbered the Yanks called it a day, we graciously accepted their swords.

I really like this game and am always impressed by the figures the guys bring to the club, if I was to do something else after the Patrician Romans and my tidying up I would be sorely tempted to do this game, I already have the rules. The battle was enjoyed and all the memorable for Ryan throwing five one's at a critical juncture in the game. The eagle eyed among you will have spotted Belle from Beauty and the Beast among the locals, despite being 40mm rather than 28mm she seems to be a running gag between the M&T regulars and barely misses a game.


  1. A jolly fine looking game, hurrah! for the forces of the Crown.

    Wargamers are a rare breed, despite the popularity of M&T it has never gelled with Dave and myself. Dave is currently boosting his forces so that we can give Sharp Practice a try.

  2. I am like that with Saga, it just holds no interest for me but is hugely popular. SP is catching on big style at the club, I will be left in the corner.

  3. Fine looking game but you can keep the rules. We used Astounding Tales with some success in the past, but now I'm only 18 figures away from the forces we'll need for SP2.

    1. SP2 is becoming very popular at the club, especially the Naps, I tried it but am happy enough to leave it alone.