Sunday, 5 March 2017

View From The Window

Back in the PO for this View as my computer for the study is not back yet, they found the problem was the motherboard, or that's what they think, so they have put a new one in and I presume it is on test, I have heard nothing so I can only guess, which means I may have it back at some point next week. It is not that cold but it is grey and miserable and for some reason I was dreaming about a nice summers day just before I woke up, big disappointment. Next door has an army bloke renting, we only see him at weekends and he keeps to himself which is fine, none of the other houses are selling, when I was in the forces we only got six weeks holidays if not on the borders of the Empire and full weekends off didn't happen very often.

I am thinking of reliving my Far East tour on the blog this year, in real time so to speak, we left the shores of Blighty in April 1970 for nine months or so, I expect to have a bit of spare time once the new army is finished.

Big mistake at the Oscars this year, I thoroughly enjoyed the look of incredulity on the plastic facade of Warren Beatty's face as he wrestled with the idea that the movie about a gay, hinted at only less it upset folks, black guy didn't win (according to his card). Diversity and racism were seemingly banished from this Oscars, which certainly will be a first, Racism at the Oscars is usually directed against white people, any movie about the struggles of minorities of any kind trumps one which most people love and are actually entertained by, look at the box office receipts if you don't believe me.

With all the furore over the Oscar awards I bet you missed the Kebab Awards, yes there are awards for Britain's best kebab. I first encountered this delicacy at the Royal Highland Show way back in the mists of time and I was one of the few who ventured to try one as I had actually eaten kebabs in Bahrain, or Bachrain if you are posh. The whole family loved it, but who would have thought it would eventually be in the running for our national dish.

What are we doing to our kids, the government is now pushing sex and relationship education on four year old's, who really thinks this is right, pretty soon as a parent all you will be expected to do is have the child. Everything else will be done outwith the family, breakfast clubs, after school clubs to ensure they eat, therapy and counsellors if the darlings don't win at egg and spoon, brainwashing to accept everything and anything as normal, safe spaces to hide. I had a great childhood but it would now read like a fictional Famous Five book.

And if you think I am crazy, I see the first openly gay character has now turned up in Disney's Cinderella, why do we need to sexualise a fairy tale, surely it is the storytelling which is important, I really do fear for what else is coming.

Have you ever seen an ad for a job as an Eyebrow Artist? If you are a bloke what can you possibly do with eyebrows apart from having 'tramlines' cut in them, how often have you looked in the mirror before heading out and fretted over how your eyebrows looked. Well tough guy and planet saver Leonardo de Caprio flew one 7,500 miles so he was in tip top form for the Oscars, no doubt he paid some kind of green tax or planted a few trees in his backyard to compensate.

Looking good Leo.
On the subject of jobs how important are they, what about Dustin Greer who has a hard day rolling back the frontiers of space exploration by managing Nasa's Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounts, you know the ones, those you look at everyday. Apparently Dustin puts himself right up there with the engineers, scientists and astronauts as part of the team, the last launch left him exhausted but excited, and I love this "when I could just step back and watch the posts go live". If Darth Vader had had Dustin at his side perhaps his press might have been better.

To boldly tweet.....

And if like me you think the world is going to hell in a hand basket for white males, you are right.


  1. George, I take it that you haven't got a white stocking and suspender set ??

  2. An excellent moan and well up there with your best? But I'm concerned: an army finished? What kind of Wargamer says that? Buy moe Romans!

    1. Relax David, nearly finished is not finished and I want to visit my WWII stuff :)

  3. Reading your musings on what goes on in the world, makes me realise I am not as mad as I think I am, or am I?

    1. As they say in these here parts Phil, it's the others.