Friday, 27 February 2015

On the Tray

I have cleared the decks and am ready for another busy day doing all sorts of wargaming or war/history related stuff, normally I am in the Post Office on a Friday, but as I served the great British public on both Monday and Tuesday it is my wife's turn, no, don't feel sorry for her, I have to cook dinner.

Having put off my painting for a week or so I have now got my Welsh warband primed, armed and on the tray. Despite the fact I wanted troops just standing around holding their spears I thought they looked a bit wooden on the Gripping Beast website, but my fears were groundless. They are very nice indeed, especially the armoured and command figures, which have a lot of character, they have  managed to give these troops a distinct look to differ them from other dark age soldiers, they also managed this with their Picts. I have another 24 man unit of Saxon Duguth in the wings and will add 24 Milites to the Romano-British, some of which will be salvaged Dux Brit figures which never get used. After that a horde of skirmishers from my plastic kits, slingers and javelinmen. I promised myself to start a Roman army by the summer, but I have all those zombies now. But we will see. Below is a picture of the last unit I painted, the Saxon cavalry, damn, I also have another of those to add.

Why do I bother when I hardly get the chance to fight with these guys, because they are there. The club has taken to Spear & Sword or is it Sword and Spear (the Ant and Dec of wargaming). I got the rules and thought it would be an opportunity to get in on the ground floor so to speak, and have something in common with some of the regulars, sadly they are not for me. Do you remember the days when a new set of rules only turned up every four or five years and hardly ever caused a stir, now we are bombarded almost every few months. I was told the other day by the author of a set that  Osprey are lining his up for 2017, so how many more will we see before then, I also wonder if Osprey, having thrown their gauntlet into the ring will gradually become top dog? You heard it here first!

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