Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Again

It is pretty frightening how the weeks pass when you get past a certain age, tempus fugit like hell as the Romans might say. At least this morning as I look out the weather is dryish and the sunlight is blinding me, there is fog in the distance but I am sure that will burn off. I finished my Saxon cavalry last night and the Saxon Eight were added to the Geoguth warband, the paints have been put away as we are looking after my granddaughter for a few days, so the Welsh won't be on the tray until the end of the week.

I have reached the stage with my main project where I am adding the military information to the maps, I still have about a dozen to draw but as these are complex I have put them to the end of the queue. It is interesting to find that these Germans maps keep moving Russian divisions around the front as they are obviously never quite sure who is in front of them.

I took delivery of some new tokens this week, I ordered up some acrylic ones from Poland and tracked them all the way through Europe until they got to the White Cliffs of Dover when they promptly fell off the radar, good old Royal Mail. Even so I received them within a week of ordering, which I thought was pretty good. They are not the best quality but I did not have to paint them as you have to do with some, so all in all I was pleased. I am gathering quite a few tokens for my games now, the painted card tokens in the picture I got made especially for me to use with Dead Mans Hand as they are aesthetically more pleasing than having a pile of cards on the table.

I have just ordered up a new boardgame, my first in decades, I nearly fell over at the price, however it does look very nice and you get a lot of bang for your buck, it can be played solo or with others, so it should be perfect to while away the lingering winter evenings in between drawing, painting, writing etc.


  1. Prison Outbreak Zombicide? You've come a long way since JRII, Sir.