Sunday, 15 March 2015

View from the Window

It's a clearish day, I can see the first ridge and it's green, overall outside has that dirty grey tint to it, the pavements, roads etc. as though they all need a good wash. And it is cold, I don't like being cold, I don't suppose anyone does but if it was up to me, we still wouldn't have a clue what it looked like at the North and South Poles. Brave men.

I have a fascination with disaster, some of my favourites are Captain Scott, the Titanic, Isandlwana and The Little Big Horn. I will return to them every now and then when a new book comes out or a TV documentary finds the answer to the 'mystery'. I am eternally grateful to Channel 4 for pointing out that it was an iceberg that doomed the Titanic and that it was a magazine explosion which sunk the Hood for instance, and all that rare information crammed into a mere two hours. And I think it is the same channel which is awash with the 'truth', the truth about Richard III, the truth about the Vikings, it is almost a public service, they should get a medal.

Mercedes, and before them BMW, keep sending me their magazines, it would seem I live the life of Riley (said Irishman never existed by the way), simply because I have or had one of their cars. It is taken as read I spend my time in places like Monaco, Dubai, Singapore, have lunch on fantastical yachts with the two blondes on the front sipping champagne, now there's a job, or I am Marlin fishing off Hawaii. I had a chance to see Mr Abromovich's ex, the yacht Pelorus in Abu Dhabi a year or so back, and was left in no uncertain terms where I stand in the lifestyle stakes, it was simply one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen made by man.

I have to surrender myself to the tender mercies of the NHS a week on Tuesday, I will be 'going under the knife' with an operation on my left arm to loosen a trapped nerve. I will more than likely need the same on my right arm but that is nowhere near as bad at the moment. I have been waiting over 18 months on this operation and am only having it now because of a cancellation. The whole thing takes about half an hour I am told and I shall be inconvenienced for only one day, well, I will take that with a pinch of salt. Lucozade and grapes will not be required, do you remember the days when if you went to hospital for anything at all, people brought you Lucozade and grapes, that was the only time anyone bought Lucozade, for the sick, and it only came in one flavour, which was Yuk!


  1. I was shocked to here about the iceberg...why has no one told us this before!!

    Good luck with the op on Tuesday.

  2. George, more interesting ramblings, you need to take a pic from your window. Good luck with the operation.

  3. Thanks for the kind wishes, I shall take a cartridge case to bite on in case this Trust is one of those short of cash. I will take a pic at some point.

  4. Where are you leaving the car George?

    Just wondering, you understand!!


    1. If the Batmobile so much as glimpses a big, dodgy looking character, with a wire coathanger, it will lock up!