Saturday 18 July 2015

Lead Mountain II: Where do I hide this stuff.

It would seem I was a tad harsh on ParcelFarce, I received the latest and last (?) part of the Romans before lunch yesterday. It seems very daunting as I look at the pile of lead, thirty-six cavalry are amongst that lot and not the easy all armoured stuff, this time they are all horse. I have one possibly contentious unit amongst them, Contarii, they were in the army but it is hard to tie them down precisely. It is the type of unit that that one guy, the one with the Iron Maiden T-shirt, who is the size of a bus, who smells and knocks everything over with his backpack at shows,  just loves to point out shouldn't be in your army for at least another six months historically. No matter, they were in the army, look cool and Aventine sell them, job done.

And why am I posting at 0500 hrs, can't sleep, too much wine and cheese last night, home alone.

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