Sunday, 26 July 2015

View From The WIndow

I am not even going to guess what kind of day is going to turn up, yesterday was very comfortable, a perfect British summers day, disturbed only now and again by threats of rain from groups of dark grey clouds which thankfully did not appear. I think we may be lucky today as well as although the sun has still to wake up the view is very sharp and clear, so much so I can easily see the windmills turning in the distance. A villager I know on his way to church has just stopped across the road and is puzzled by a number of trays loaded with what looks like plastic containers and a large cake tin, balanced precariously on the wall of Washington House. These will take on the significance of 'who really killed JFK' by the time said villager has completed his duties at church, no doubt others will be drawn to the mystery as the day progresses. See, there is someone else who has stopped for a look, but not brave enough to actually touch them.

Have you ever insulted someone, have you ever picked on someone or some group who cheesed you off so badly that you vented your spleen on them, crushed them with your vitriol, no, neither have I, but be careful because the insult threshold has just been lowered once again. A group of British Cosplayers have taken umbrage at being described as possibly a little barmy dressing up as comic superheroes and have become paid up members of the ranks of victimhood declaring that you should not have an opinion, sorry judgement, on what they do unless you are in complete agreement with them. You don't even need to actually insult anyone either, if someone else deems that what you do or say may constitute an insult to someone, you have had it mate. We have the ridiculous instance of Drag Queens being banned from a Gay Pride march in case Transgender people might find it insulting, no, I can't work it out either.

British Cosplayers the American variety are way different.
 Along the same lines what about apologies, my ancestors were poor farm labourers probably working eighteen hours a day for the landed gentry but Tony Blair apologised on their behalf for the slave trade, and the fact they almost certainly had their hand in the Irish Potato Famine. They also would have been pleased that their ancestors, Catholics way back in the 13th century, can rest easy that the Pope apologised for their part in the sack of Constantinople in 1204AD. It would seem we Anderson's upset a lot of people, mea culpa.

Constantinople 1204, second from the right, he looks familiar.
 I am thinking hard about something I can be upbeat about, but this last week has been particularly galling, I'm sorry but what about John Bercow the absurd Speaker of the House, claiming £170 for a journey which would have cost the taxpayer £7.10 by taxi. But he hasn't broken the rules shouts his office, then change the bloody rules! You must have heard the one when someone hit his car and he got out and said "I'm not happy" and the retort was "Then you must be Grumpy."

I think I can now put my holiday illness behind me and declare myself hale and hearty again, I am still not sure about my arm, it is not 100% better by any means and I had to pull out a bit of the stitching the nurse left behind the other day. Needless to say the wall has not been repaired and the deadline has now passed, the firm have at last told me to go ahead and get it fixed and the money will be deducted from the drivers wages, forgive me if I remain sceptical.

On the bright side No.1 son is returning to the UK from Korea and he will be based in Wembley, so he will have a house somewhere in the commuter belt within shooting distance of London, that means about an hour and a bit in a car according to Google, although I have an idea real life traffic will lengthen that. This should allow me attend several wargame related shows and tournaments during the coming years, result.

I was given a crate of differing ciders recently and had one left so I cooked a chicken dish from the Legatus's food and drink blog, it was superb, I would thoroughly recommend this simple but delicious dish if you enjoy cooking, go on spoil yourself and amaze the girlfriend/missus.
We had potatoes and broccoli.

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