Saturday, 27 October 2018

Red Letter Day

Thursday turned out very well for me, I had the afternoon off from the PO and thoroughly enjoyed it, I also decided not to continue drawing maps so I took a quick feather duster over the house so that the boss would not need to do it when she came back, I can do in an hour what takes her three, how efficient is that.

Anyway just before I shut the shop I got an email from Paypal saying my money had been refunded from Wacom for the drawing display I really didn't need, I managed a small jig, it was supposed to take three weeks and they managed it in one, it now sits safely in my bank account. I am still looking at upgrading my old machine but for something more suitable and much cheaper. I also noticed some anomalies in my account, there wasn't as much in the Legendary Map Fortune as I had thought, after some sleuthing it transpired Amazon was hitting my card and not her indoors'. Ching, refund!

I sat and finished off the Late Romans and as I checked my emails and Facebook just before turning in for the night I noticed a post from Aventine, the Companions would be ready to order the next day, my cup it runneth over. So after keeping an hourly eye on Aventine's site on Friday I ordered as soon as I saw them come up, Keith has managed to get them posted out despite getting ready for his hols, great stuff, great firm.

Now, below is a couple of maps from the Atlas, anyone have any thoughts on them, at the moment only myself, the author and the editor look at them, but I thought the more the merrier, so if you feel like commenting go ahead.

 Apart from Bunker Hill which I showed earlier, we haven't touched on any large battles yet but I was wondering what people thought of the overall look?

Off to spend some money at FIASCO tomorrow.


  1. As usual maps are superb. I struggle to find fault.
    On the second campaign map - perhaps a different font for the date detail compared with location, to make events stand out a little. Other than that, very easy to follow.

    1. I wondered if the comments should be larger, I might go back to this. Ta.

  2. George, glad things are on the up after a few recent bumps! Maps look fine to me old bean.

  3. More figures! Just what the wargamer needs as Autumn kicks in! Enjoy!