Thursday, 12 May 2016

Beautiful Day

I expected to be very quiet this morning which would work out as I had been given a priority map to draw, but no, the sun is shining and it really is hot so I think the village was up early, I got thirty minutes done on the map which was not nearly enough. I had several jobs to do in my mind, nothing too strenous but once I know they are to be done I have to do them or I cannot properly relax.

Anyway it is my half day and after lunch I headed out to the shops to get some stuff for tonight and tomorrow, I also popped in to see my old drinking buddy who is not 100% at the moment so between that and me having to do full time in the PO we have not been to the pub for several weeks. I still intend to pop down now and again albeit for the alcohol free stuff, I now get my high with drugs (joke).

Sour faced Postie brought three parcels, these contained all the troops and guns I ordered last week along with some stuff from Warbases, so guess what I will be doing this evening and over the weekend.

Another reason I am tied up with wargame bits and pieces at the moment is that my main PC is back at the suppliers being tested. I bought it almost three years ago with a warranty and never played a game on it. I treated myself to Battlefleet Gothic a week or so ago and settled down one evening and the computer died on me after ten minutes in game. I thought I had caught a virus, did all the checks once it came back online to no avail and through some investigating it would seem running the game may be overheating my computer, hence it turns itself off. So it is now back at Scan HQ who have been superb and I hope to get it back next week. I really need them to fix the problem as the news that Dawn of War III is being worked on for next year means I need something to run it no matter what it costs. I teetered on addiction to DOW I, that is not a joke.

I am off to a War and Conquest tournament on the 21/22nd May in little over a week, there has been a change to the army lists points wise and how they are presented and Rob Broom is working to ensure all those being used are up to date for the big day. I am taking my Heptarchy Saxons (700-800AD) and they fight Romano-British and my sons Carolingians, they are no longer Western Franks, but are now from a more specific era. I was also requested to bring a Classical army so the Thunderbolts are in training as we speak, still buoyed by their stellar performance on the last day of the previous tournament. This time however they are up against Dacians, twice, I have looked at the Dacian list and they are fearsome chaps. I am really looking forward to this. I am going to be asking a lot from both armies this time, I of course in the time honoured fashion will remain blameless.

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  1. So, you're taking drugs and addicted to computer games - young at heart George!!

    Good luck in the tournament :-D