Tuesday, 10 May 2016


When I watched the Discovery channel on the rigs I saw so many Eastern Front documentaries I caught the chopper home suffering from combat fatigue, now when I go to wargame shows or look online I feel a chill. What's the big deal with snow.

All of a sudden Napoleon's retreat from Moscow is popular, as is the Battle of the Bulge and you can't go wrong with the brave Finns up against the Soviet juggernaut not to mention all that hunting about in frozen cities. I first encountered snow, pardon, white bases at a tournament and thought the guy opposite me was short a sandwich from the lunch box. I can't remember wargaming being about trends but it's all the rage now, skirmish games, anything new from the Perry's, new rules etc. all bandwagons to jump on, now it's snow, what's next? I do have to admit though that many of those winter games are beautiful and if done right are hard to beat. In the words of Morecambe and Wise however, give me sunshine, summer 1944.

And that leads on to the British armour, like an eejit I rushed it yesterday in case I need it tonight, I managed a lot better with the transfers this time, I used buckets of Micro Sol, tweezers and patience all worked a treat. I still have stowage to add to most of my vehicles, especially the British but that can wait. I am very happy with both kits and I do like the look of the Cromwell.

Bolt Action at the club tonight, report later in the week.

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