Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bolt Action Latest

 Before I went on my weekend I had completed the latest arrivals for my Bolt Action forces, these included the PAK 40 shown in the previous battle report if only a glimpse, a 6 pounder anti-tank gun and a medic for each side, I also took delivery of some camo netting and applied this to the 6 pounder and my Cromwell.

The camo netting is made by Pegasus games and is great stuff and easy to use, simply brushing watered down PVA glue over it and sticking it where you want it. I went a bit daft and added some to the anti-tank gun as well.

PAK 40.
6 PDR anti-tank gun.

Just for fun.
Cromwell tarted up.

Come back!
I also got another couple of buildings from Charlie Foxtrot and they are next in the queue. At the moment I have seventeen infantry both German and British on the tray which will almost complete my armies, I think I still have half a dozen Germans and a Bren team on the way from Artizan. I put all my British forces into EasyArmy this morning and I find I have 1,271 points, the Germans will be similar, so two decent forces to start a little campaign or simply fight a scenario or two. I will probably call a halt there for the time being, still on my wish list for later are some vehicles, command, ambulance perhaps and an armoured transport for each side and probably two more tanks down the road aways, a Firefly and a Stug or Panther, not sure yet. My nest egg has reached a nice level and I am loathe to dip into it, besides I've done pretty good to build up my terrain and troops so far, it will have to stop. Wait, Father's day must be coming up?


  1. Lovely! That netting stuff looks jolly useful. Having 1200pts plus for each side is a splendid achievement, well done! You need to do a campaign of some sort, definitely makes it all more fun.

    1. The netting is nice, I have also looked at pictures of British tanks using foliage as well, if I do a second tank I might add net and foliage.

      I can see the end of the tunnel so am going to look at a campaign this week.