Monday, 9 May 2016

How Many Sojers Does a Man Need?

Loads I think is the answer to that. I cashed in my book royalties from Wargame Vault last night and was very happy at the sum sitting there as it would more than cover my new purchases for Bolt Action. These new recruits will give me a very good force for both sides, a rough estimate I think would put them in the 1000 - 1500 points bracket, they include an anti-tank gun for both sides, a prime mover for the Germans as the Universal Carrier can have the 6 pounder, see how frugal I am being. The troops themselves are getting an extra squad each along with some HQ types which include medics.

 My original thought on all this apart from them completing (?) my forces is that they will give me something to do while the missus is away however I think I am going to have to slow down, I have been painting and drawing non stop for some time now and my wrists and arms are suffering. I shall have to rethink my approach to painting, I need a smaller mat and one of those poncy pallet things rather than using my tray which has a raised edge and is now heavy as hell with years of spray paint encrusted on it. This should allow me to rest my arms on the table which I hope will help, I shall also slow down my extreme paint schedule now that I have enough troops for a decent game.

Although I am not a fan I bought the Lardy campaign primer and 'The Scottish Corridor' mini campaign from them and want to use these with Bolt Action to have some point to my battles, I am not overly keen on the BA set ups, more reminiscent of 40K than WWII to me, I might of course be talking out my backside here as I have only played the attrition one. 

I finished my Panzer IV and Opel Blitz yesterday. I am crap at putting on transfers, I ruined all the 2's, 3's and 4's trying to get the platoon numbers right, and yes I was using the Sol transfer stuff, I am just ham fisted. Even when I did manage to get them on right I always needed to tweak it just that nanometer and crumple the thing. So after a break I came back and managed to put numbers on it, no they are not perfect but they will have to do, one of the 7's is an upside down four as I ruined that as well. I am dreading putting them on the Cromwell. I did however manage to get stuff for the camouflage, I used horsehair from some old ACW terrain I had lying around and once flocked it looks fine, it won't fool the odd Typhoon or Thunderbolt on the hunt but it will do for me. No need for the seafoam Andy but thanks anyway. I eventually settled on my variation of the 'Ambush' pattern paint scheme.

I still have money left from those royalties, now for the 2nd Panzer dice!


  1. Pretty good ambush scheme there George, nice one. I know Phil mentioned he nicked a pencil with a rubber end off his daughter and used that to paint the spots on one of his. Been meaning to have a crack at ambush camo myself actually, might have to build the 222 I've had sitting on my shelf for ages...

  2. Thanks Andy, I used cotton buds. Cromwell isn't going to be a problem, was looking at pictures and British vehicles during the war did not show many tactical signs, especially on their turrets.

  3. Never enough George!! Top work though!

    1. Thanks Ray, now what else do I need ...........