Saturday, 7 May 2016


 Been passing some time trolling the internet for various things to do with my new vehicles and Bolt Action. First up is some dice, like all wargamers I have loads of dice of all colours and hues, some which I only use with certain armies, black for Saxons, red for Romano-British, yellow which should be in the bin etc. So I found Dice of War from Australia and as I have decided my Bolt Action Germans are from the 2nd Panzer Division I just need to get these.

 Adam who designs them told me how much the postage was and I nearly collapsed, although it is probably about the same as Royal Mail's, anyway I need them, I also found out I need his 15th Scottish Division dice as well.

Next up was some seafoam to use as foliage on my tanks, you have to buy a large box of the stuff and as I only want enough for one or two tanks then it was a no go, again it wasn't cheap, now it is possible you can find it cheaper than I did but I can only look for so long then I either buy it or don't, in this case I didn't. So I remembered some horsehair abatis I have lying around so I am going to dig that out and flock it to see if it will work.

Why is it everyone comes in during my last ten minutes in the shop, just when I don't want to see another living soul. 

The next thing on my list is German camouflage patterns for my tank, I am overwhelmed by the myriad schemes out there for mid to late war Germans. Now a lot of these patterns were obviously put on by the crews in the field who, like me, didn't have an airbrush. So I will have to bite the bullet this afternoon and choose something. As usual I am in a bit of a rush as we have a Bolt Action game on Tuesday and I'd like to have my German vehicles available, we may or may not add tanks but I know Simon has a couple of Soviet tanks so just in case.


  1. Antenociti's used to do a small box of seafoam for a fiver, but it looks like they don't any more. I've still got most of the box I bought a while ago, I'll bring some along to the War & Conquest weekend.

    The thing about there being so many different late war German camo schemes: you can't really get it wrong. There was all sorts of weird things getting painted onto tanks.

    1. Settled on one eventually Andy, a variation at least. Those MIG paints are useless unless you have an airbrush, very disappointed with them. I will try the horsehair and if that doesn't work I'll buy some of that stuff from you, cheers.