Sunday, 8 May 2016

View From The Window

Perhaps you live in my immediate area and were expecting to be sweltering in the predicted heatwave, but in fact you are still snuggled up under the duvet wondering when the rain will stop. To be fair it has stopped at the moment and there wasn't a lot around during the night but the heatwave has passed us by, it must be great to be a weatherman, you can be absolutely rubbish at your job but shrug it off as the pay cheque arrives every month without fail. It is a muggy morning the hills in the distance are not sharply defined and I can't hazard a guess at what the day will bring, although it is certainly not cold.

The house across the road where the strange people lived has been getting renovated and there is a new door on it, it is ghastly, it is white and with the large white surround it just hits you right in the face as you look out the window or pass by, so new neighbours coming there as well.

Some kind old guy who died recently has given all the village charities £500 each, they all put a Christmas tree up in the church every year and it is quite a nice thing to do so they have all been rewarded in his will. Well done old yin.

I have just been informed this week that the main road out of the village to civilization will be closed for twelve weeks in August due to anti-flood measures. The other main artery out of the village is Borwick Lane which is a nightmare at the best of times and where two 4x4's have a tough time passing, there also seems to be a need for many people to treat the lane like a Formula 1 track. Two even narrower lanes in the next village along are being designated one way roads to ease the traffic when the main thoroughfare does shut, I for one will be using that despite the inconvenience as I am not taking a chance in Borwick Lane.

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The visa saga continues, the missus came back on Friday and heads off south again in an hour or so once I make a nice big artery clogging fried breakfast. If I have this right Joyce was allowed into the country with her family for six months, then she has to leave and get a visa to stay for 2.5 years after which she has to apply for UK citizenship or leave. All this was the MP's way of stopping people, mainly from the sub-continent, marrying simply to come here and live, however as usual it inconveniences the law-abiding people while leaving the dodgy sort to move on to some other scam to get in and stay. The best seems to be throw away your passport on touching the green, green grass of home. And guess what, for a moment I was actually going to write to my MP, how mad is that!

I have happily managed to live comfortably for three weeks and the house is/was spotless, all of a sudden I am again getting orders as to what to have for lunch during the coming week and when to make that curry and don't forget there is salmon in the freezer. I counter that with the fact that when I did the wash, yes it was only a matter of pushing a button, I counted them all out and I counted them all back, my socks that is. Not one of them made it over the wire to freedom leaving his mate behind to join the other nine lingering in solitary in the wash basket.

Not much this week being far too busy I have not kept an eye on what's happening in the country and I don't have time to rant at the TV of an evening or turn the news off in disgust with a flick of the remote.


  1. Nothing to worry about George. All is as it was and people are moaning at the usual rate. Two more days of sunshine and the same people will moan about that. Hose pipe bans forecast for Wednesday, I believe.

    Cor, it's Harry redders here . . . . Just sayin' . . . .


    1. Harry redders and Johnny foreigner, them were't days :)