Thursday, 16 April 2015


I was hoping I would have some of my recent purchases to show you, but most of them are still winging there way here. I did get some Vallejo Paints and a piece of kit for my paint shaker, see below.

Before I get to the good bit, if you have access to BBC iPlayer and you have not already seen these documentaries, I recommend you get some nibbles, some beers or wine, put your feet up and enjoy them: Scotland's War at Sea, which actually covers the complete Naval war during WWI; Kim Philby Part 1, one of the famous defectors from MI6, an unbelievably arrogant monster. The last surprised me, it was Reggie Yates' Russia, I thought here we go again, a young, hip pseudo-journalist being given air time, I was completely wrong, the programme was enthralling, and Mr. Yates must be one of the bravest men I have ever seen, it was superb and frightening.

So, now to the Eureka moment. I have managed to take a video of my good self, put it on the PC, then put it on the blog with a hearty slap on the back. It was not without a tad of frustration at a couple of points but my son put me right and you can see my efforts below. Isn't technology wonderful. Make up! Lights! Action...........

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