Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Great News

I think the flood of Christmas postings has ended, yesterday nearly cracked me but I survived, today I have had a trickle of people in, although most of them turned up just as I decided I wanted a nice coffee. There is still time for those oblivious few who turn up with two or less days to the big day and say "Australia, will it get there for Christmas?" Yes I happily quip, if you can get to Heathrow and find a seat on the next jet out.
I have treated myself again and ordered up the extra Saxons and Romano-British to increase my warbands, I have went for the beautiful Saxon Miniatures and look forward to painting them, I have also had to order new bases, but this will now give me the choice of 24 or 27 man units, in WAC those extra dice can make a difference, well they can if you are not cursed with dodgy die rolls.

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What about the good news I hear you ask, well it is now official, Aventine are doing Byzantines next year, Keith has mentioned they will begin with early stuff and gradually bring in later types, there are a lot of Byzantine armies to choose from, Belisarian, Tagmatic, Thematic, Nikephorean to mention but a few. I have always wanted a Byzantine army as I enjoy Byzantine history, damn those 4th Crusaders, but have always followed another path, but it is time to scratch that particular itch as soon as the whole range is ready, which should just fit in with my plans for 2016.

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 I have been looking at figures for my son who is building a Western Frank army of around 800-900AD, it looks like 2016 for us is going to be the year of the cavalry, my Romans have a few, the Sassanids have a lot and the Franks too are mainly a cavalry army. If I was not already set on a path I might be tempted with the Franks myself, the Gripping beast figures are very nice and you can mix in Normans and Saxons. It will be interesting to see how we handle these horse soldiers.

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