Friday, 16 December 2016

Wargamers OCD

 Right, sitting alone last night enjoying a bottle of fizzy French cider and admiring my latest painting efforts, having worked on them all day, something was not quite right. I Googled the unit and immediately saw that the shield boss was not metal but yellow with a blue ring, on looking closer at the transfer it did indeed have a blue ring albeit very thin. It should have been closer to the boss but of course LBM can't do that as they need to put a hole big enough to have no problem attaching it to the shield, if I had spotted it earlier I might simply have painted the boss yellow, but I didn't.

Perhaps the people who copied the Notitia Dignitatum just coloured the metal boss, but maybe they didn't, all the copies showed a coloured boss, anyway it looks OK from a distance I shrugged.

The more I stared and supped my cider I knew it was not right, but the unit was finished, why muck it up now, I tried to concentrate on The Walking Dead but my eyes were still drawn to the shields. Nope, I have to paint them yellow. Job done.

No still not right, there was no blue circle now, but who would know, I would know and how could I expect them to fight if their shields were missing the blue circle, I could see them routing for the table edge looking accusingly at me. I would have to paint the blue circle. Job done.

Not quite, when picking these troops off the movement tray I usually touch the shields and the new boss was not varnished, so what, would it matter, yes it bloody would, I couldn't take the chance of the unvarnished paint rubbing off, so head down again.

Repainted, revarnished and back on the movement tray, phew, now I can relax, and if they dare run they are in trouble.



  1. Well they do look better, that's for sure, that inner voice can be a right pain in the arse sometimes, eh?

    1. It has been, several times over the years, and you can't ignore it. I have now checked up the shield bosses on the next two units!

  2. That is funny George! I'd be exactly the same - that little voice saying "they're not quite right, you know" :-D :-D
    As Ray says, they do look better for it.

    1. I agree they do look better, and the voice has now gone, a win. Cheers Matt.