Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Boba, Boba, Boom

We were supposed to be fighting off vile zombies last night but due to unforeseen circumstances we were reduced to two in number so we quickly changed tack and went with X-Wing. Simon has possibly re-mortgaged his house to build his fleets so quickly, so he brought some of his new Scum & Villainy ships to the table, I shook off the Dark Side and went with Rebels as I don't play them enough. I made some lists up in the short time between closing the PO and taking off for the club and when I got there decided to go with four X-Wings, Biggs with a hull upgrade, Garven Dreis, Tarn Mison with an R2 and a Rookie. Do they just take a Scrabble set, throw some tiles down, arrange and hey presto, a pilot? Simon went for two Vipers, his all time favourite ship I believe, and Boba Fett.

We both split our forces for the first game, but I quickly joined my squadron up again and went after the Vipers, Boba mucked around in the rear and fell way behind. The Vipers saw the danger too late and started taking hits, they tried to manoeuvre away but the X-Wings stayed close on their tails, the Rookie managing some excellent hit scores. Boba came thundering through the asteroid belt to their aid and then found he had to shoot at Biggs, leaving the other X-Wings to take out the Vipers. No doubt there is more to them but they did seem a might fragile, but I suppose anything with four X-Wings shooting at it would seem fragile. First round to the Rebels.

I stayed with my squad for the second game while Simon rearranged Boba's outfit. I stayed in close formation and headed straight for the Firespray, Simon split but came on nonetheless, the Vipers navigating some asteroids. The shooting started at fairly close range and Boba began to suffer, then he pulled the rabbit out of the hat, for every enemy ship at close range he could reroll one attack or defence die. My plan began to fall apart as the Vipers joined the fray, however I stuck like glue to Boba, mistake really with the die roll attribute, shooting at Vipers in between. When we called time Boba was down to one hull point with an untouched Viper on the flank and two X-Wings on his tail, but one had no shields and the other only one. If I remember correctly we called a draw, it would have been nice to have played it out. Two great games and the Rookie was man of the match for me.

 Vipers, looking very elegant.

 X-Wings, looking dangerous.

 The Vipers turn away.

 They turn back, but it is too late as the X-Wings close in.

 Nearly the end of the second game, I should have stayed away.

 Simon has put together an X-Wing campaign and I got my intro pack last night, a very professional looking booklet complete with a map and background story, we hope to kick this off in the next couple of weeks. Because of my new ships I have decided to be Imperials.

No club next week as I shall be recuperating from my hospital trauma and making life hell for my live in carer, the missus. I have a large War & Conquest game organised for the 28th and am wondering if it would be a tad too much to ask the missus to move my troops around?

I am not having much luck with my orders at the moment, the roads are still some way off and Boardgame Extras had no Tie Phantoms available and seem somewhat slower than usual at sending my new ships and cloak tokens. I went elsewhere for the Phantoms and am expecting them today as I have had notice of despatch.

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