Monday, 9 March 2015

Exodus the Movie

After all my big plans yesterday was a bit of a damp squib, remember those, in the days before we were all safety conscious I blew apart Airfix planes and ships with them, and put string fuses in them and planted them near pavements to give people a fright, OK copper you got me.

I only completed one map, did 45 minutes painting, nothing with the scenarios, dinner was so so and the vino OK, the Monkey 47 gin on the other hand was a triumph, but it is rationed.

What about the movie you ask, well. I quite liked the CGI Memphis as I am a sucker for ancient cities but was curious how many pyramids were around, and after all that cash spent they were stepped and not smooth, what do consultants actually get paid for.

Like me, do you snigger when you see vast armies in no identifiable formation spread across the landscape like someone has spilled paint on kitchen tiles, then all of a sudden it turns into a free for all which only includes the main characters and their many hapless victims. There were some exciting parts to the 'battle', the chariot charge, but overall, just nonsense. And they seem to ride out from Memphis to Kadesh, near Syria if I recall, and back again in the one day, barely having broken a sweat.

The upshot was by the end of the movie the only character I had bonded with was Pharaoh, as the rest were mere ciphers, especially the Hebrews, there were some cack-handed efforts to tie their plight in with the Holocaust, but in the end I was rooting for the Egyptians, " don't go near the sea Rameses" I shouted to deaf ears.

I loved the Old Testament at school, before that guy went around doing boring good stuff. There was murder, revenge, battles, invasions and city walls tumbling down, my first brush with man's inhumanity to man. That and Commando comics of course, although one was pure fiction.


  1. I think the only cinematic battle scene that got it anything near right was the first part of the first battle in Alexander. Otherwise...

  2. Despite the film being dire, I would agree with you there, have you caught the consultant, Robin Lane Fox, riding with the Companions, lucky sod. Seemingly he waived his fee for that jaunt.