Sunday, 1 March 2015

View from the Window

It is grey but dry this morning, although my old sailors bones warn of impending rain, I can smell it in the air, or I could if I was outside, which I don’t think is going to happen as it is windy and cold. The old lady at Washington House across the road now sees us as an Apple outlet and calls regularly for help when her iPad does not respond.
My wife has started perusing my blog and in especial this Sunday morning piece, enough to inform me that the hill I can see, two ridges away, beyond the windmills, is Ingleborough, I thought if I am given this piece of information you should be as well.

I have just finished Wolf Hall episode 6, I believe the book was a hard read, but I never had the urge to pick it up, I have however enjoyed the TV series. All right it started fairly slow but it made me think of the main characters as real people, they are imperfect and their own agendas come first, for example we did not get the pious and wronged Thomas More of “A Man for All Seasons,” but an educated man who had no qualms torturing and killing people due to his own beliefs. It also neatly serves to bolster my own belief that the Tudors were monsters, nothing like having your prejudices reinforced.

You are never too old to be suckered. I took Which up on their ‘free’ pension guide, you know, the one advertised on the telly, only to find I had to pay £1 and take out a subscription to Which Money to get it. The sting in the tail is that if you do not cancel it within a month, you get hit for £10 direct debit. And, let’s face it, anyone wanting pension information is usually not the best person to remember four weeks down the line they have something to cancel.

One of my granddaughter’s, who is half Scottish and half Tanzanian, burst into tears after being shown pictures of Glasgow by her father, and being told that’s where she comes from. I have no doubt that one day her Scottish genes will kick in and she will crave any food which is not green, is deep fried, covered in salt and comes with two large pickled onions and brown sauce. She also denounced Stirling castle as a real castle as it is not blue and purple like the real ones in the Disney universe.

Don’t you ever wonder when you cut a bagel in half you always end up with a thin bit and a thick bit, there is no way to cut them even.

And there you have it, the first, complete, non-wargaming, view from the window, the missus asked me to explain it, but I just kept coming back to “it’’s... it’s the musings part!”

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