Sunday, 8 March 2015

View from the Window

It's raining and I cannot see past Washington House's garage, it's not the usual heavy rain we get here, it's more like "I want to make you feel miserable, but like you on a Sunday morning, I can't be bothered" kind of rain. And I was right last week, the rain duly turned up, but I got the sunshine, followed by hail and snow part wrong.

I have also been in touch with the sub-continent again, but this morning I actually needed their help, my email suddenly decided not to work, as it does, I phoned the excellent BT helpline, talked to a nice young lady and hey presto, comms with the outside world has once again been established. So you see I am not unreasonable when it comes to call centres, only to the people who lie through their teeth and inform me my computer begs their help or, unknown to me, someone in my family has been involved in a car crash in the last six months.

It comes to my attention this week that England is fearful that it will be run by the Scots after the next election, and my reaction to that is "be afraid, be very afraid". Just look at how we ran our own country up until 1707, and for some time after that as well, ask the MacDonalds.

Which leads me on nicely to the fact I have decided not to vote, order! order! ........... now that the howls of protest have died down let me tell you why. Ever since I began to vote I have only once got the MP I wanted, or more correctly, voted for, I lived in Lanarkshire most of my life and the Labour majority was such that a monkey with a red rosette on its backside would have been sent to Westminster. Now, even with the one MP that got my vote, he didn't actually come and ask for it mind, nothing I want gets done and an awful lot of what I don't want gets done. People now gleefully point out that I therefore have to turn in my Moaning NVQ, in which I have a masters. But NO! I actually gave over eleven years of my young life to defending the Empire, alright, I was not called upon to do so, but I could have been, and would have been up to my eyes in Exocet's while those abed in England etc. I have also shored up the country's tax regime more than your average punter, including some multi-millionaires and multi-national corporations, I have also added to that by giving the nation my two sons who are also tax-paying, law-abiding citizens. So, if the politicians continue to not do what I want I shall continue to moan and do so with commitment, vote or no.

On a lighter note, I now have the details and an invite to the Second War & Conquest National Tournament. This time the event is themed towards Rome and her enemies for which I do not have an army yet, however one of the organisers, Phil, has kindly put aside a Roman army for me, so I will be attending and hope to have just as good a weekend as last time. You can find the details here.

If you enjoy wargaming and good company and can put together a bunch of soldiers of the period then I urge you to give it a try, I had only played two games when I turned up at the last one and that mattered not a jot. My only disappointment was expecting a Michelin star lunch and getting Phil's sarnies!

Well there you have it, I had half intended to put a game on today, but instead I shall continue with the Spanish maps, get on with the Welsh and maybe do another couple of write ups for my scenario book, followed at some point by a nice meal, bottle of vino and movie to round the evening off. Isn't life grand.

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