Friday, 6 March 2015

More Work and Decisions, Decisions!

 I have completed 83 of the 118 Eastern Front maps for the "Barbarossa Derailed" atlas and am suffering from combat fatigue, thankfully it is not a winter campaign or I should also have a touch of frostbite. The project is on hold for the time being as a new series of maps are required for "Marlborough's Other Army," covering the British in Spain and Portugal during the Spanish War of Succession, a period I know nothing about, but soon will. As someone interested in military history, I recommend you have a look at Helion's books if you have not already, a quick look will show you that they tend to reach the parts other publishers don't, as many are first hand accounts by people who were there.

With this new work I find that in time I shall have the wherewithal to again treat myself, and I am leaning towards getting more X-Wing starships. I do not need any but with so much happening in the X-Wing universe I feel I am missing out. At the very least I should get the new Imperial ships as I  feel drawn to the dark side.

The two Rebel ships are a bit naff, but how cool are those other two, and one has a cloaking device!

The new faction, "Scum and Villainy," more great models but this would call for a larger investment than I am prepared to make, wouldn't it?

A quick pic of the Taffs, I have split the warband into two as I find it easier and faster to paint that way. I have a large War & Conquest game organised for later in the month and am really looking forward to it, I hope to have these guys ready for then. They are nothing special in the army list but I do not want a super army, just one which looks and feels right, and if I paint them, then they will earn their salt on the battlefield or die trying.


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