Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Come on the Boyo's

The title has nothing to do with the rugby thingy going on at the moment as I am sport impaired, but my Welsh warband has at last reached completion, it has not taken any longer to actually paint, but the time between picking up a brush has been longer due to other things. The back ranks are pretty basic but the command figures would look good in a Late Roman context perhaps, there are some neat chaps in there.

As my Romano-British are more suited to the South-West with their token 'Roman' look I wanted the Welsh to show some kind of kinship with their British cousins, therefore I added in a few oval and round shields with the Christian logo.

I also used the Army Painter brush on varnish, not as dull a finish as the spray, now that may be because I put it on over a coat of Winsor & Newton or I did not shake it enough, as I do notice that some of the troops are dull, but others have a slight satin look. So next time I shall only use the AP stuff and shake it a lot harder to see how things go. I do like the way it allows the armour to keep its metal sheen.

Next up on the tray is a Duguth unit, 24 warriors, this will finish my foot soldiers for the Saxons leaving only a cavalry unit to be done.

The week has changed dramatically for me, my operation was cancelled last night, so I am awaiting news this morning to see when it will be re-scheduled. So once again it will be a last minute thing for the club and therefore more X-Wing, I was supposed to be heading south for a large ECW game on Sunday but that also has been postponed, so I am left with Saturday's Dark Age game.


  1. Good painting George! :o)
    Sorry to hear about your operation delay. Hope they fix you soon.
    Take care.

    1. I was all ready for 'over the top' but no news today either. I have to confess I am weary of painting Dark Age figures now, that's full on for just over a year now, but I can see the end of the tunnel and Rome is on the other side!

  2. That's a really nice unit! I must get back to my Dark Ages Saxons!

    1. Thanks, I wanted them ready for this Saturday, they are not giant killers by any means but I wanted to see how warbands fare in War & Conquest. Hopefully more nice pics at the weekend.