Sunday, 22 March 2015

View from the Window

I am a tad late this morning as I am suffering from Man Flu and can't shake it, it isn't the virulent strain which incapacitates us men and turns us into insufferable monsters, but a more insidious strain which will not leave me. I have attacked it for several days now with Day & Night tablets, and while they have made life bearable, the minute I stop, thinking I have recovered, my nose turns into a waterfall and my mouth becomes as dry as the bottom of an Arab's flipflop. Or should that be the footware of a middle eastern gentleman who may own camels or goats, I get so confused these days.

Anyway, what's outside the window......sunshine, so much of it I have had to pull the blind down. I still have a sneaking suspicion it is the cold sunshine, the stuff that lures you out with promises of warmth but for some reason your core temperature doesn't get anywhere near toasty. The view in the gap between Washington House and Eyebrow Cottage is fair, I can just make out traffic on the M6, Ingleborough however is still misted up.

The big thing this week of course was the Solar Eclipse, as I was up already, it being my day in the PO, I did not have to make a special effort, but I was looking forward to seeing something. The low, dull grey cloud, killed my enthusiasm. Sure enough it went slightly darker at around 0920 hrs, but not much more than many a day here in the Lakes. To rub salt in the wound about a couple of hours later we had beautiful sunshine. As I watched the news showing me what I had missed it made me wonder that even today, as school children giggled and adults paid a fortune to travel to remote parts of the far North to get the best view, other parts of the world were wondering what they had done to anger the gods. It’s a funny old world.

While we are on about the Universe my missus wondered whether she saw a UFO hovering over the village last week, at first I thought it might have been my delayed X-Wing ships, but no. A night or so later a very low flying small aircraft passed over our roof as we parked the car, guess what, it looked a bit like the UFO. It always baffles me that a civilisation which has mastered the Warp or Hyperdrive or can bend space to travel unimaginable distances before teatime, decide to set their Sat-Nav for the remotest and dumbest parts of our planet. They do not want to kidnap Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking, no, they want to grab Elmer Bumpass or Doris Smith, who left school with nothing but their legs, and just happened to be out in the middle of the woods that night at 3am without a meaningful explanation. And what do they do with them when they get them, according to most of these poor unfortunates, they stick something in their eyes or their backside. If you want to get knowledge of something or someone I suspect the worst thing to do is head for their nether regions. 

That's it for now, I am away to look for a recipe for 'tatty scones' as I have some mash left over from last night. Things may be a bit slack over the next week due to the op, but I shall endeavour to keep you up to speed on the big weekend game.


  1. Yes, the eclipse was very dull, sadly. I remember the last one as being better.

  2. What you say is true. Why don't the aliens land in Central Park at lunch time?