Tuesday, 3 March 2015

No wonder it was £8

I have been scooting through this book wondering if I had lost my marbles, I have now found them and am moving on to the next book in my 'ready use locker'. That's where the ammo was kept to get it quickly to the gun, I digress. I thought I had got a bargain when I picked this up at Vapnartak, a book concentrating on a warrior king from my period, how lucky was that. Well, you do not meet Ceawlin until almost the last quarter of the book, and when you do, you have to swallow that he was British and not a great, well known Saxon warlord, indeed he may have been a Welsh saint. Before you get to this tosh, you also have to believe that Vortigern, means 'Wide Ruler', it is not a name. And said 'Wide Ruler' held sway over all the British, any brief reading of Britain after the Romans leave points to numerous small kingdoms, all at odds with one another, what is the point of being 'Wide Ruler' if no one bothers a whit about you and completely ignores you. What's more, the reader also has no idea who these rulers were from 410 - 600AD, even in Dark Age Britain who would come up with such a lame title as 'Wide Ruler'?

I decided to look a bit further into the author and see what his credentials were, his list of books includes gems on UFO's, dinosaurs, secret Nazi weapons, Big Foot and other huge man-apes. I have to admit I thought the claim on the cover that our hero was the man who created England was a leap in the dark, and so it proved.

This is the kind of book, that once you put it down, you cannot pick it up again. Now, what else is in the locker.

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