Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Invader Brought Low

Well, the big day arrived and Glyn turned up at precisely Noon as I hurried the last annoying customer out of the shop, you sit for almost two and a half hours doing nothing and they all turn up in the last 30 minutes. The table was set up, we diced for sides, I have cards made up for zone of deployment, deployment type and game length so we were off to a quick start. The armies were about even in numbers and both sent skirmishers to the flanks, we both had cavalry on one flank opposite each other, the bulk of the warriors were in the centre for both sides. Glyn had gone for the Early Saxon Kingdoms and therefore only his bodyguard troops had armour, this would cause him problems later. I too had bodyguard or Comitatus troops with armour while the rest relied on large shields where possible. My plan was to get rid of his skirmishers by charging them with my javelin armed light troops or riding them down with my skirmishing cavalry while taking the ridge in the centre of the battlefield to await developments, then possibly lead an attack with the left of my army while holding back the right.

Both sides await battle.

 The view from the British cavalry wing as the army moves cautiously forward, while the Saxons come on at a brisk pace.

The Saxon cavalry just before it moved to confront my skirmishers.

The Saxons took possession of the wood and caused me to retire my slingers, my light cavalry were charged but evaded, while my mounted Comitatus took things slow, I hoped to hit the Saxon cavalry with some missile fire before I charged them, but the fall back left the initiative with the Saxons.

I achieved my objective in the centre and stood on the ridge in shieldwall and above the enemy, the Saxons obliged by throwing themselves uphill in a violent charge.

The crisis of the battle as the Saxons are halted and pay heavily as the shieldwall holds. The Welsh now repay me for bringing them to the field by chasing and catching two Saxon warbands and dispersing them. Soon these fleeing Saxons are followed by more of their compatriots as their King is left surrounded by only his bodyguard in a sea of Britons.

The Saxon cavalry meanwhile had held my elite cavalry up for most of the game, it took this flank attack to stop them nearly beating me. I had hoped by this time my cavalry would be in the Saxon rear.

I had waited some time for this game and it was worth it, a great afternoons entertainment. Glyn's army was nicely painted and he has some lovely figures in it, you will see that his fabric flags are also superb, he gets these specially made, they are beautiful. With more experience I don't think he would have come on as boldly as he did, his men were really up against it with my warriors uphill and arrayed in shieldwall.