Thursday, 24 September 2015

Auxiliary Cohors I

I have been a busy bee this last week with my painting, I am at a loose end with the maps and am awaiting some feedback so my spare time has been spent getting on with the Romans. I have settled on one Auxiliary cohort and might possibly add another in the fullness of time if I feel I need some cheaper troops than legionaries.

A straightforward unit, nothing special but the officer is a lovely figure and his second in command also just fits the bill perfectly he has a grizzled veteran look about him, although I notice I need to put a dab of flesh on his face as his 'tache is out of line. This time I put a shield with a couple of arrows in it and a dropped vexilio as I had spare transfers.

The next unit on the tray is again Auxiliaries this time light javelin armed skirmishers who can also form up in the battle line if needed. I had to get these from A&A as Aventine do not do a suitably Roman looking light javelinman, you could use line auxiliaries but I wanted them to be more animated, the figures are Lanceari and are more mid-Roman than early but this troop type is mentioned around Augustus' time so the jury is out on exactly what they were. The moulds are also past their best and needed a lot of cleaning, but they are by the same sculptor who now works for Aventine and therefore I suspect will fit in just fine. I can't say enough about this guys figures, they are beautiful and a pleasure to paint.


  1. Crikey George! Those are truly superb! Probably one of your best units :o)
    I'm now thinking about my BTD figures and thinking ... hmmm Ebay? ;o)
    Actually the BTD auxilliaries are great, it's the legion that are a bit middling.
    Really looking forward to seeing all these on the table one day.

    1. I do have a liking for that unit myself, Aventine are the opposite of BTD, they have loads of legionaries but few auxiliaries, but then a Roman army on the table never has 50% auxiliaries. Yes, BTD have some nice auxilieries but it is way too late now :)

      I just hope they fight better than Phil's auxiliaries.